Wedding Dates, Like Presidential Candidates,

should first be cleared with me - it would make the world a much happier place.

My cousin, of whom I am quite fond, is getting married on the day of the Blue/White game. He and his intended will be getting married in Central PA - Centre County even - but I don't think I'll be able to go.

I go the the Blue/White game every year - sure there were some missed games when I first moved away from State College - but not many and I haven't missed one in the last 9 years - It's just a special day. It's the practice tailgate - it's the practice game - It's a little piece of college football to savor during the bleak months.

It's also a day that is always planned - it's always on the calendar (PSU/NCAA has shifted the date a few times, but) - I always know where I'm going to be the 3rd weekend in April - no surprises. And the tailgate is one of the 3 biggest of the year - sometimes the biggest - the free parking and game are a great incentive for the casual fan.

But, my cousin and his family are also very special to me. I'd love to be there - any other spring, summer and/or winter weekend - heck I'd even go if it were an away game weekend - or maybe even a Coastal Carolina weekend (maybe - probably not). It's not as if they called up and asked "hey PSUgirl, we're trying to find a date for the wedding that doesn't interfere with hunting, fishing, trapping seasons and/or the Church calendar - any ideas?" - if they had, I'd have told them to consider other dates. Oh well.

My dad missed quite a few family weddings/gatherings over the years due to football games - he and mom had an understanding - he would take her anywhere she wanted to go at any time and for any duration - but not during a Penn State football game.

My family has scheduled weddings and events during football before - In 2002 my cousin scheduled a wedding anniversary party for her parents on the day of the Nebraska game - yes, Nebraska - this is a girl who went to PSU, married a Penn Stater and had a blue and white wedding. I had another little cousin who scheduled her wedding in the fall - on a home game day - when my one aunt told her that there was a game that day, she made some response about "no one caring about Penn State" - okay - it's fine - she was young and a Lock Haven grad and, obviously, didn't need me to be there.

There have been a few friend and/or family weddings that occurred during away games - requiring earbud headphones and portable radios that actually pick up AM stations. At one wedding, Daddy and I sat in the back of the hall (we get married in halls in central PA), sharing the ear bud headphones - PSU was winning easily but the only time I got up was to go dance the Electric Slide (I am slave to it) - I then proceeded to tell (and show) my dad that the "slide" and being able to tie a knot in a cherry stem were the two things I learned in college - he answered "well, at least you learned something." By the way, neither of us were drinking. Two of my best friends have gotten married during (away) football games - interestingly enough, both games were against Indiana. The one got married in State College and had her reception at the Nittany Lion Inn - so we all watched the game in the lobby - seriously - everyone was out there.

There will, undoubtedly be some family fall out if (when) I don't go - while "that side" of my family is made up of pro-PSU people - they don't really get the whole tailgating, sit in the stadium, Penn State Football is my reason for getting out of bed thing (odd, I know) - they're Steeler fans.

But I did lay some ground work at the family holiday party - letting my aunt know that I probably wouldn't be able to be there - she seemed disappointed but understanding - We'll see.

His wife-to-be is a really nice girl - she's put up with him so that's a true test of character right there. Their wedding reception is going to be a gold and black theme - yup - Pittsburgh Steelers and they're having a polka band. wah.


WFY said...

Who in their right mind would schedule a wedding in Centre County on the day of the Blue White Game? It is one of the 10-12 weekends a year that are off limits, like football season, ArtsFest, and move-in weekend. Good for you not going.

PSUgirl said...

You are correct - but the wedding is up in Northern Centre County so they'll probably be okay with traffic, etc.