Well, I guess it's the same old same old

Now, when I arrived home from work (around 7pm or so) I had every intention of watching the Championship game - start to finish. But when I turned on the tele and saw the pregame fluff with all those happy fans, I just couldn't do it. I was so jealous - oh poop. So I mapped out some "flip channels" and thus got caught up in some sappy movies on TMC and/or We - and my evening went something like this...

I flip back to the game - LSU won the toss - flip to "How I Met Your Mother" (I love that show) - back to the game - Wells is running through the line, down the field, and out running the entire LSU defense - Wow. How'd ya like that speed SEC? Crap - happy buckeye band people. Gee, I wonder if this will be like last year? Flip to Under the Tuscan Sun (which I'd never seen and is a dreadful film - but it's been 10 years since I was last in Tuscany - and I am feeling a little nostalgic) - Back to CBS and "The Big Bang Theory" (and an episode that I've already seen, but I watch any way). Flip back to the game - tosu is driving! Well. perhaps the commentators were correct and tosu came to play some ball. Tressel looks a little spastic on the sidelines - either he's just had 5 Red Bulls or he's kinda excited. Flip away - crap! I forgot that "Top Gear" was on - I love that show - yes, it's about cars. no, I don't currently own a car - but they're so funny - and British.

So back to the game - at least for a little bit - LSU is doing well - every time I flip back someone in yellow and purple is jumping for joy - maybe I'll work on the "Christmas Puzzle" (which actually wasn't started until New Year's Eve) - it's devilishly difficult (a portrait of President John F. Kennedy, made up of thousands of tiny little pictures of President John F. Kennedy, and his people - all in black and white).

TOSU has stalled on offense -this is not the calm organized offense that dominated most of the regular season - they look a little Penn Stateish. LSU is using just the right amount of trickery (like letting the punter get clobbered) to interrupt any bucknut momentum.

Back to "Top Gear" - the lads are going to build a car - hilarious. Not sure that anything can be funnier than the day they built the convertible people mover (minivan) - but I'm game.

I must move away from the puzzle - Eunice overload.

Okay - the game - tosu can come back - it's only 14 points - okay, maybe they can't.

A different episode of Top Gear (I adore BBCAmerica, btw) - testing the new Noble and vans - hilarity once more.

Back to the game - Gatorade - I guess it's over - LSU is the national champion. I'm not sad that tosu lost - I'm rather relieved, actually - but it stinks that the pundits are calling them "outclassed" and such.

LSU is the first 2 loss National Champion. BUT if we think about this - they'd have been 11-0-2 in the "olden days" - then again, without the overtime system, teams/coaches may have played differently - so on and so on.

Congratulations Tigers.

Go Penn State Basketball.

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