2008 NFL Combine - Jump, Jump, Jump!

So, our hero, Anthony Morreli, braved the scrutiny of the NFL Combine Quarterbacks' workout this weekend. Tony ran a 5.0 in the 40 - which isn't good but oh well. He did place in the top 10 (tied for 8th) in the vertical jump. His leap reached 26.5" - to put that in perspective - the top jump, so far, came from RB Carl Stewart with a jump of 39" (what?!) - and three offensive linemen jumped 26.5 as well.

So, according to NFL.com, the 411 on our man's "negatives" is as follows:
Not strong in upper or lower body. ... A bit of windup in his delivery. ... Very inconsistent in accuracy. ... Poor mechanics when any pressure arrives. ... Happy feet and throws off back foot, even when there is no pressure. ... Struggles to get past first read -- birddogs that read from the snap. ... Makes some questionable decisions. ... Limited mobility, both running for first downs and moving within the pocket to free himself to make the throw.

My responses...
Okay...sure...yes...mhmm...affirmative...I agree...he is a birddog (ya better git away quick)...yup...and, correct.

The most impressive performance to date is probably Darren McFadden's 40 - 4.27 seconds - which is a little unreal.

Linebackers work out today.

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