All this NFL talk

made me think of our favorite former Nittany Lion, Paul Posluszny, and wonder how he is doing following his season ending injury (broken arm) and his recent trip to Iraq to visit the American troops during the Super Bowl.

On Buffalobills.com you can find a variety of articles, photos and videos featuring Paul. In one video, he discusses his injury and his recovery strategy. Poz missed 13 games as a result of his broken arm, but only on the field. He went to practice and spent every game on the sideline so he could learn and watch the development of each defensive scheme. He'd been well on his way to having a great rookie season (amassed 25 tackles in 3 games played) - and we certainly hope that he, and the Bills, have a good 2008 season.

Our boy has let his hair grow out a bit - that's fine.

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