Blue White 2008 - Just checking in

Or not - hotel rooms, according to Expedia.com are pretty much booked up in State College for the weekend on April 18th - April 20th. There are, however, rooms available in nearby towns such as Milesburg, Lamar and Millroy.

If you contact the individual hotels (or their websites) you may be able to find a room. For example - per the Hilton Website - there's a room available at the Hampton Inn on College Ave - for $199 per night - but that info wasn't on the "travel search" sites.

As far as the tailgating goes, we've come up (well the Tailgating Coordinator came up) with a fun theme for the Blue White extravaganza - Southern home cooking.

So for our part (which, generally, is snacks and dessertts), I was thinking we'd make some (or all) of the following...

Mini tollhouse pies;
pecan pie bars;
pecan tassies (an individual pecan tart);
lemon bars;
peanut butter chocolate bars;
blueberry cobbler;
peach bread;
rice crispie treats;
turtle brownies;
mini cupcakes;
for starters - or for desserts -

mac n'cheese;
mini chicken fried steaks;
bacon wrapped crackers;
lil' smokies;
beer-cheese spread;
meat pies;
white bean dip;
cheddar cheese ball;
bay shrimp;
and more!


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous - the b/w game always happens on a weekend I can't go!

mmm mac and cheese....

drozz said...

im just happy it isn't during the draft. my jewish friends are even skipping passover for this, which has raised eyebrows.

anyhoo-apparently the autoport has a few rooms right now. that's the closest we could get.