Blue/White Game 2008 - Just a Reminder...

The game is April 19th, at 2pm.

Admission to the game is free.

Parking is also free and lots (all around the stadium) open at 8am.

The game, generally, pits the 1st string offense against the 2nd string defense (and #1 D against #2 O) - they even it out a bit during the day - but it's intended to showcase the talent and let some of the newbies (red shirt freshmen and early admissions) get some "game" time.

The assistants coach the 2 squads and Joe sits up in the booth calling color commentary.

As we've discussed, there are a ton of activities going on in Happy Valley that weekend - and we'll post more detailed information about the tailgate and other events as it becomes available.

Can't wait!

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drozz said...

unfortunately, finding a hotel room is impossible right now.

well, not impossible, but ya have to be really far off campus.