Flu and Workout do not Combine

So, Danny Connor missed the Linebackers' workout today at the NFL Combine due to being "fluish" - oh well - he'll have Pro Day (March 18th) - btw, Florida, Virginia and Georgia host pro scouts the same day - hmm.

BTW, here's what the NFL.com scouting report says about Dan:
Positives: Has good upper-body thickness, broad shoulders and a big back with good definition in his arms and chest (lower-body frame needs further development)...Possesses good speed and initial quickness, doing a nice job of breaking down and tackling when in space...Shows good mobility to slip blocks and good change-of-direction agility moving down the line...Has enough speed and toughness to be effective containing the inside running game...Intelligent and instinctive player with the vision and instincts to locate the ball through trash...Hard worker in the weight room and has really matured in his training and has taken on more of a leadership role since his 2005 off-field incident...Plays with good aggression and, while he is not a vocal type, he does have command of the defensive squad on the field...Has a good knack for recognizing blocking schemes, getting his hat right into the action to wipe out draws and screens...Locates underneath targets and has enough mobility to slip through blocks and disrupt the pocket...Reads plays quickly, getting in good position to make the play before blocks develop...Can slip blocks and deliver a blow to the ballcarrier...Uses his hands well to bounce off blockers and jam tight ends at the line...Will not hesitate to take on lead blockers and shows better toughness playing inside the tackles than on the edge...Usually in position to make inside plays and, while he is not stout at the point of attack and has some problems getting over trash, he plays with good leverage and knee-bend when he keeps his pad level down...Uses his hands well to control short-area receivers and can generate good leverage on the outside when he uses his hands to defeat blocks...Possesses the speed and burst to make plays while moving toward the sideline, as he hits with good pop, keeping his head up and wrapping with his arms...Needs to be more fluid is his sideline pursuit, but he plays downhill well and has the ability to play well in the flow in attempts to get to the ball...Not really a big hitter, but is a reliable tackler who can break down and will face up and wrap tackler working in space...Has enough hip snap to turn on the ball in flight and can locate underneath targets, but compensates for a lack of explosion out of his breaks by taking good angles to the ball...Shows good timing and anticipation on the blitz, but needs to develop a variety of moves...Is frustrated when his initial move fails, as he does not always find the rush lane, making him more of a contain than a press type...Times leaps to break up passes, reading the quarterback's eyes well to react to the ball in flight.

Negatives: Has adequate muscle mass but good definition, and shows just marginal thickness in his calves and ankles, making it questionable whether he can plant his foot and anchor vs. a strong double team...Not physical in his attempts to shed blocks and needs to improve his overall strength and use his hands better, as he struggles to take on and shed blocks when working in-line...Has the lateral quickness to work down the line, but lacks the second gear needed to chase and is much better in the box...Lacks natural hands for the interception and must deliver his punch with more force...Can extend for the ball away from the frame, but prefers to use his body to catch...When he takes a straight shot into the backfield, he shows good timing on the blitz, but he lacks an array of moves to execute if his initial one fails...Bit top-heavy and can be driven off the ball because of a lack of a good anchor at the point of attack...Needs to stay lower in his pads and use his hands better to avoid cut blocks...When he gets high in his stance and keeps his hands outside the framework, linemen can wash him out...His narrow base causes him to struggle shedding blocks vs. the bigger blockers...Lacks fluidness in his backpedal and takes false steps in transition, making him a bit of a liability handling receivers outside the short area...Better playing between the tackles, as he doesn't have the timed speed to get to the corner to force the outside running game back inside...Has had off-field issues in the past and while he has matured, teams will want him to show that he is accountable off the field...Adequate blitzer, but he will need to develop better pass-rush moves rather than just a straight-forward charge, to be successful doing this at the next level...Has decent strength, but he gets into trouble when he looks past blockers to the ball.

Tomorrow the DBs work out - and, I have no idea if Justin King will be working out because the NFL has him listed as a wide receiver, but I did not notice him in any of the drills yesterday - granted, I wasn't really looking for him. But, here's the NFL's write up on JK...
Positives: Physically, has everything scouts are looking for. Tight skinned, athletic build, good size and rare straight-line speed. ... Smooth hip turn in transition to stick with receivers out of their breaks. ... Versatile athlete who has seen time at wide receiver. ... Shows the ability to pluck the ball out of the air. ... Flashes explosiveness as a hitter.

Negatives: Left out on an island in 2007 and really struggled down the stretch. ... Has the athleticism to run with any receiver in the country, but seemed to struggle with more refined route-runners. ... Too often seemed satisfied with breaking up passes when opportunities for interceptions were there. ... Finished 2007 with 15 passes broken up and only two interceptions. ... Not particularly aggressive or physical in run support.

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