I heart Penn State

Happy Valentine's Day.

In honor of the Roman Martyr, who may or may not have been a priest, or a bishop or seven different people, only later to be romanticized by Geoffrey Chaucer, and eventually removed from the Calendar of Saints, I thought I'd list some of the things that I love about Penn State Football (my true Valentine):

1. The uniforms. Navy is such a flattering color - and an investment in a jersey is an investment for life - no worries about whose name is on the back.

2. Tailgating - (get out, really?) I love cooking, eating, and entertaining in the cow pastures. I grew up tailgating over on the East side of the stadium, so I'm a grass purest. Sure it can be convenient to be on the pavement in bad weather - but nothing, nothing, beats standing in a field, with great friends, with good food and drink, toasting the Nittany Lions, nothing.

3. Defense - it's my favorite. Offense is exciting and necessary - but the real thrill is when the Defense is on the field. I love cheering on the squad - it's also when the crowd can really get into it and try to be a factor. Tipped passes, interceptions, blocked kicks - those are the best.

4. Paul Posluszny and players of his ilk - this would include, Sean Lee, Tamba Hali, Kenny Jackson, to name just a few. The fellas that just embody the "Penn State Player" - their enthusiasm for the game and their school is contagious. Smart kids with what appear to be good hearts who truly appreciate what they are doing. These are the kids who warm (and on occasion, mend) my Penn State Heart.

5. Pre-game. I love the Blue Band - sure they can be cheesy - but they really are great and they play my favorite songs every week - I love the drum major and the "flip" - no matter how late it is in the season - I get a rush walking through the gangway into the stadium - filled with the familiar sounds of cheering fans and Penn State fight songs.

6. State College - as soon as I get on the 322 by-pass I start to smile - it's such a great little town -

7. The Penn State Way. True, right, wrong or false I love the reputation that Penn State projects (whether or not it be held by all) - The tradition of guiding young people to be the best students, athletes and members of society that they can be - and winning more than a few games along the way. This is perhaps why it stings a little more when the kids deviate from our "image" of them - but sometimes love hurts.

So that's just a quick list - there are innumerable reasons for why I love this team -

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