it's the end of the season as we know it...

know it.

And no, the Pro Bowl does not count as a football game - and neither does arena football - I don't care how dreamy Jon BonJovi is.

This weekend is the last football game of the 2007-8 season - the Super Bowl. I care so very little for the 2 teams playing that I probably wouldn't even watch - if it weren't the Super Bowl.

I don't have any big plans - I'm constantly amazed that the biggest game of the year is played at the most inconvenient time - late(ish), on a "work night" - it really doesn't lend itself to easy entertaining - which is sad - because for me, a big part of football is tailgating (really?) - be it in the parking lot or at home - every party, as you know is just a modified tailgate -

Super Bowl Sunday has become as commercial, secular and devoid of its true meaning as have many of our other favorite holidays, like Arbor Day. But if you're going to attend or host a Super Bowl party - here are some ideas...

Over on Ladies... they've posted a recap of the Football Foodie series - some excellent ideas over there, I've tried a few recipes myself. Also the Ladies chronicle how to "not throw a Super Bowl Party" - it's a gridiron thing.

The Martha Stewart Show today was all about how to throw a football party - I didn't get to watch it (dang work) - but I did DVR it and will be sure to review all the pointers before Sunday! From the previews, it looks like she may have two men come out and explain the rules of football - thank goodness for that! And you can get more game day recipes at Martha Stewart.com. What would we do without our Martha?

there are some good recipe ideas on The Food Network as well - but I must say that I'm a little disappointed that self-proclaimed football fanatic Guy Fieri would suggest a caesar salad - seriously? salad? caesar salad.

Martha Stewart? Food TV? wa? look, just because it's football doesn't mean the food can't be good - and since I'm not a fan of either team - I'm happy to be distracted by other things -

So, who do we root for? Kyle and Tommy Brady? or Kareem MacKenzie, Jay Alford and "Archie's other boy"? It's sooooooo distasteful - bleh - So, I hope that the Penn Staters do really well and look like the stars that they are - and that the ny giants stink up the joint, looking as bad as a team can, and win.

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