Signs it's the off season: Television

Television is boring without college football - especially following bowl season - when it seems that every channel is airing a game - every day. Saturdays are tough - but then, I'm usually at or watching PSU on Saturdays so - what I miss a little more are the "off day" or "get to know your Big East teams" games and the college football tv shows. Although I stopped watching College Football Live daily about mid-season.

I regularly announce, really to no one in particular, that I miss football! even professional football!

Sure there are other sports out there - Hockey, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, and now, Auto Racing - they're all fun, at times, but it's not the same.

I'm enjoying the Big Ten Network, that is, when they show Penn State - I've yet to see Men's Gymnastics or Men's Volleyball (you know, the sports where PSU is atop the national rankings) - PSU does not seem to be a priority on the network - you never see PSU in "The Big Ten's Greatest Games" (granted, it's basketball season* - but still). It's fine, I didn't expect it to be all PSU all the time.

I watch a good amount of DVR'd games. I rewatched the Alamo Bowl the other night (sadly, it's a recording of the "edited to fit the 2 hour time slot" rebroadcast). I fast forward through the first 2 scores - the rest of the game is pretty good.

I get so elated when ESPN Classics airs a PSU game - but currently, it's all basketball and poker - but...

As the guys on ESPN noted - the first college football game is August 30th

*PSU basketball (mens and womens) has been painful to watch these past few weeks - I've tried - really I have.

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Nick said...

I see a lot of Penn State stuff on the BTN. I'm not especially surprised we're not in many if any of the greatest games, especially during the basketball season because:
a.) We've only been in the Big Ten like 15yrs?
b.) We've had some really atrocious teams many of those years.