Blue White 2008 - This Just In

The Gridiron Concert Series has been canceled, according to the CDT. It appears that the organizers and the universities didn't bother/think/wait to get NCAA approval before signing up. Or, at least, they didn't wait for NCAA approval of student-athlete participation - which is what the NCAA has ruled to be impermissible.

So the Fergie Concert at Beaver Stadium has been indefinitely postponed, tickets will be refunded and text message voting will not be charged for. Can you say "Marketing Department Nightmare?"

I have to admit that it all seemed a little wobbly to me from the get go - kinda like the emperor's new clothesish -

But! The Carnival (opens 6pm on Friday) is still on - as is the Game (Saturday, April 19th at 2pm) - hope to see you there.

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Anonymous said...

Just another example of College Football selling itself out to make a quick buck. This time, it came back to bite it.