Pro Day goes Well for Connor and King

of course, it's all "hush hush" - but those who did speak about PSU's Pro Day seemed very optimistic.

According to the Collegian, Dan Connor said that his day/workout rated a "13" out of ten (that would be more, wouldn't it?) and Justin King said that he had "a very good day."

One pro scout said that Connor would probably be drafted in the middle of the first round and that King has a chance of going in the late first round, early second (yeah, you read that right).

Mike Tomlin (love him) was the only NFL coach in attendance - but he declined to speak with the press following the workout. Mike Tomlin should be our new coach - if we're judging by looks alone (which we might be).

Anthony Morelli and Austin Scott also worked out for the scouts - both, reportedly, were positive about their (respective) performances.

Should be interesting.

Photo source: Daily Collegian, by Ben Roth

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