Teach Your Sons to Wrestle Bears

and do arm stretching exercises every day - because that is what will turn them into a first round draft pick. Of course, the boy must be tall as well - and sure it would be super cool to keep him slim and teach him to use those freakish arms to throw the ball - but why bother? You'd be better off teaching him to catch the ball occasionally.

The number of Offensive tackles and Defensive Linemen that were drafted on Saturday is astounding. I realize that such positions are (and have become) the core of the successful NFL team, but it became even more apparent that the new "money" position is Left Tackle.

At the Blue White game, the only players you could really get close to to get an autograph were the Offensive Linemen - that now seems like a mistake.

SO, all that said, I watched 6 hours of linemen getting drafted on Saturday - I divided my time pretty evenly between the NFL Network and ESPN (NN seemed to have more "inside" info) - and with each pick I expected to hear Danny Connor's name. Early on I was "wishing" during certain picks "not Danny, not Danny" (that would be Dallas) and on others "Dan. Dan. Dan. Dan." (that would be Philly, Pitt, SD, Buff) - but by the end of the first round (albeit painful) and especially by the end of the 2nd round, I was just willing them "Dan, Dan Connor. Say Dan Connor!" but they never did.

Most "experts" had ranked Danny in the top 30 eligible players - but he just stayed on the board (as did some other "big names").

Of course I was also waiting for someone to pick Justin King. Mel Kiper actually had JK ranked above Dan on the "best available talent" list. But I wanted to hear Dan's name first - I just didn't realize that I'd have to wait until Sunday to hear either name.

On Sunday (I even missed church for this) I expected Dan to be the first one picked - but he wasn't - it took them 10 picks (and 35 minutes) hear his name. I watched the teams that I had been "counting on" go by - and then, the Carolina Panthers picked Dan - the 74th pick overall.

So then I expected Justin's to be the next name called with every pick. As the 3rd Round came to an end - I was flabbergasted that the PSU boys had fallen so far.

Finally, at the 2nd pick of the 4th Round and 101st overall - the St Louis Rams selected - Justin King, CB, PSU. So now JK is a teammate of Chris Long's - It's almost like we're best friends with Howie now.

From then on I flipped back to the draft between my other Sunday activities (ie watching the High School Confidential Marathon on We) -

No other PSUers were drafted - although some were picked up through free agency.

So now we look forward to the long summer - August 30th - ugghh.


Blue White 2008 - One of the Best, ever

"as long as you think you're having a good time"

or is it

"as long as you think you're having a good time"

either way, I know that I had a good time.

The weather turned out to be perfect - no snow, or rain. I was a little fearful that it would actually be too hot - but wasn't, and there was a nice breeze.

All were in super moods, except for the parking people when we first got there, and then at around 5pm - but that's a letter for the editor...

We had a huge turn out and many old (and new) friends made the trip to State College for the festivities. We had tailgaters from Virginia, Maryland, Alabama, Tennessee (what is going on here?), Florida, Connecticut and all over the Commonwealth.

We pulled into the parking lot a little before 8am (because, of course, the lots were open before 8) and headed home around 10pm.

Our youngest tailgater was little Lilly Mae - who is just 3 months old - and the cutest little puppy I've seen in a while!

The food was great - everyone brought such great treats. Here is just a sampling of the menu...

Chocolate chip pecan bars;
lime macaroons;
blueberry muffins;
crumb cake muffins;
blueberry cobbler;
apple pie;
pecan pie bars;
mixed nut brittle bars;
trail mix bars;
fudge brownies;
rice crispie treats;

Homemade sausage gravy with biscuits made ON THE GRILL (just like the cowboys do);
stuffin muffins;
breakfast with eggs, bacon, french toast;
mini beef pies;
spinach feta triangles;
lil' smokies in puff pastry;
lil' smokies in cream cheese pastry;
mini chicken fried steak (YES. I made chicken fried steak. It's pretty good - not perfect, but pretty good);
shredded chicken for chicken bbq;
homemade Carolina barbecue sauce;
mini onion goat cheese tarts;
spinach dip and pita chips;
steamed shrimp w/cocktail sauce;
deep fried turkey, green beans, pb&j doughwiches, cheese sticks,
5 beer can chickens (bbq, garlic & cayenne cinnamon) - winner winner;
meat muffins (with bbq venison);
hot sausage sandwiches; and,
more that I can't remember right now.

My, personal, favorites this year were the Carolina bbq sandwiches (which we served pre-assembled on mini potato rolls with pickles and coleslaw) and the beer can chicken - which are always great - but the cayenne cinnamon birds were something special.

One casualty was my super favorite football field tray - it didn't survive the dirty dish bag :( it will be missed.


Blue White 2008 - From Above

Primary Day in PA - Go out and vote!

The Presidential race isn't the only show in town as there are a lot of interesting elections across the Commonwealth -


Blue White 2008 - Quick Recap

It was a great day.

The tailgate was fabulous - the food, weather and atmosphere were near perfection.

Now, we did have some organization troubles (hence the "practice" moniker) - and the very start of the day was a bit tense (if you are going to "make up" parking rules - then post them or let the people answering the phone know) - it was fine; it was okay - thankfully Suz can count.

Sat in the PACKED stadium for the first half - got to see Stephon Green's run. Which was, no doubt, great, but, against our (supposed) #1 defense. I was watching the game with my goddaughter, who is 3 1/2. She could not wait to go into the stadium. We ran down to the endzone to see the Nittany Lion - when he was right in front of us, she turned around and asked me "can I touch his teeth?"

BTW, it is amazing to me the number of GROWN MEN (I'm sure that grown women would as well, there just weren't any) who will crush a 3 1/2 year old in order to get a picture of our mascot.

I didn't take the camera - so I am dependent on others to send me pictures - I will post some as soon as I can.


Blue White 2008 - Packing up Now!

Heading home to pack the car and head up to State College.

Hope to see you all there!


Just a Few Memories from Last Season

Memory #1 of the regular season - that I forgot to bring my camera to the first 2 games (doh!)

Blue White 2008 - Two Days More

of work for me - okay - 1 1/2 - I'll be heading up to State College Thursday (some time) in order to have all of Friday to prepare for the tailgate.

Hopefully we'll see you there. Again, we'll be tailgating in the West parking lot under the pressbox. We're meeting at the NLI to drive in at 0700 - so we'll be at the gates by 0800 - I expect that the breakfast treats will be available by 0803 with full breakfast fare to follow soon after.

Look for the checkered flag, 3 campers and line of canopies - there will be lots of good food, drink and conversation -

So far we've made:

Chocolate chip pecan bars;
lime macaroons;
blueberry muffins;
crumb cake muffins;
pecan pie bars;
mixed nut brittle bars;
trail mix bars;
fudge brownies;
mini beef pies;
spinach feta triangles;
lil' smokies in puff pastry;
lil' smokies in cream cheese pastry;
mini chicken fried steak (YES. I made chicken fried steak. It's pretty good - not perfect, but pretty good);
shredded chicken for chicken bbq; and,
homemade (yes, homemade) barbecue sauce.

There's a lot to be done before Saturday morning - but we're on our way.


While I'm not really caring

right now what the weather is -

AccuWeather's Saturday forecast is (currently) "Mainly Cloudy and Warm" - with a high of 72 degrees.

I'm guessing that it's not going to snow.

I'll Never Be Happy Again.

And I think that you all know why.

When I was a child, I had a kiddie album (yes, it was pre-CD) titled "Candy Man" - it was a musical story based on (rip off of) Sammy Davis Jr's hit - not a crazed serial killer.

ANYWAY - the protagonist is Princess (i believe her name was) Prunella - and her shtick is that she's always sad - she sings a song that, to this day, and especially this weekend, goes through my head whenever things don't go my way...

I'll never be happy again.
I'll never be able to smile.
To laugh at a joke, like similar folk,
I guess it's not my style.
I'll never be happy again!


Blue White 2008 - Game to be televised on Big Ten Network

So, the Big Ten Network will air the Blue White game on Saturday, April 19th... ...at 8pm.

As there are 8 Big Ten Spring games on the 19th - the network will be airing a special "Big Ten Tonight" show - featuring fans and stories from each of the schools.

BTN will also be live web streaming the games - for free.

By the way, Florida's spring game is on ESPN, live, this Saturday.


Oh, by the way...

I did watch the Men's Gymnastics Big Ten Championship over the weekend and Penn State did win the 2008 title! Also, Casey Sandy won the All Around.

The men's gymnastics team has distanced themselves from the competition in the B10.

Ohio State made somewhat of a run going into the 5th rotation - but completely unravelled on the floor exercise and pommel horse (but especially the floor exercise).

PSU didn't win all of the individual titles - but they did make a strong showing in every event. Casey Sandy won the B10 title on parallel bars and was named Big Ten Gymnast of the Year. Tommy Ramos claimed the title on Rings.

Yea! Penn State Big Ten Champions!

Blue White 2008 - Some Parking Info

Prompted by a super nice email asking if I knew the particulars regarding handicap parking for Blue White - I called the Athletics Department (because, at the time, I didn't know) to get the information.

Here's what I found out:

Handicap Parking will be in the first 5 rows of the South Parking lot and available on a "first come, first serve" basis. The lot will be accessible off of Porter Road. There will also be some handicap parking available by the Bryce Jordan Center.

From there Fans have easy access to the stadium, BJC and other events/attractions - such as our tailgate - in the West Lot!


May I once again draw your attention

to TheTailgater.com...

Our Tailgate is on the front page of the April edition of the webzine. And Penn State (via my "story" and photo) is featured in their "April Showers Bring...Spring Football" article.

Nice. Very Nice.


Blue White 2008 - Two Weeks Out

So - in two weeks we'll be in State College, preparing for the Blue White game - everyone prepares in different ways - whether it be driving down Rte 322 (ooh, the Narrows isn't narrow anymore), sipping LIITs at Cafe 210, shopping at Wegmans for kielbasa and Middleswarth Potato Chips, heading over to SBS to check out the new array of sweatshirts and golfing accessories, or finishing up the last items for the tailgate... I can't wait.

Last year I got to "show off" Penn State (again) to my little godchildren - I had the best time. The other day the girls were visiting me at the office and I asked the older one (now 5) if she remembered walking on Campus singing the "Penn State Song" - she answered, Does it go..."Penn State's Great! Penn State's Great!" (complete with jumping up and down). I said "No, but it should". I reminded her that we were singing the song together as we walked up to the Creamery. She looks at me and says, very seriously, "Oh, I remember the Creamery".

So, Accuweather has that 15 day weather forecast - and, currently, Friday the 18th is the 15th day - and... the predicted weather for Friday, t'ain't great - High of 48 with rain in the PM. This can, of course, change - we'll see.


Men's Gymnastics - 2008 Big Ten Championship

The Men's 2008 Big Ten Championships are being held at University Park (in Rec Hall) this weekend - Friday and Saturday (April 4-5) starting at 7pm each day. The Big Ten Network will air the championships live!

The Nittany Lions are currently ranked #3 in the country and are looking to win their second Big Ten Championship.

Check out GoPSUsports.com for more information.


Blue White 2008 - Updates from Knoxville

It's a little sad that I'm getting my Blue White information from Tennessee - but if all that hunter orange makes you nervous enough to pick up the phone and call the Athletic office, then I guess I shouldn't complain -

Per PSU, via the Tailgating Coordinator, overnight RV parking will be available for the Blue White Game - but it doesn't open until Friday - the lot, the same one for regular season games, is accessible off of Orchard Road (enter from Park Ave), behind the Ag Arena (and in front of ADL). The cost is $50.

Our RV brigade will be utilizing alternative parking options for Friday night and will join the game day (morning) convoy into the parking lots.

Just 18 days to go!