Blue White 2008 - Game to be televised on Big Ten Network

So, the Big Ten Network will air the Blue White game on Saturday, April 19th... ...at 8pm.

As there are 8 Big Ten Spring games on the 19th - the network will be airing a special "Big Ten Tonight" show - featuring fans and stories from each of the schools.

BTN will also be live web streaming the games - for free.

By the way, Florida's spring game is on ESPN, live, this Saturday.


Unknown said...

I think last year the game was Comcast Sportsnet (in Philly). Just another case where the BTN robs us of football coverage?

drozz said...


lookin good for the game

Anonymous said...

The B/W Game is not being shown on Sat at 8pm, but on Monday the 21st at 8pm. There's a 3-1/2 hour recap of all the Big 10 spring games on Saturday night at 6:30pm.