Blue White 2008 - One of the Best, ever

"as long as you think you're having a good time"

or is it

"as long as you think you're having a good time"

either way, I know that I had a good time.

The weather turned out to be perfect - no snow, or rain. I was a little fearful that it would actually be too hot - but wasn't, and there was a nice breeze.

All were in super moods, except for the parking people when we first got there, and then at around 5pm - but that's a letter for the editor...

We had a huge turn out and many old (and new) friends made the trip to State College for the festivities. We had tailgaters from Virginia, Maryland, Alabama, Tennessee (what is going on here?), Florida, Connecticut and all over the Commonwealth.

We pulled into the parking lot a little before 8am (because, of course, the lots were open before 8) and headed home around 10pm.

Our youngest tailgater was little Lilly Mae - who is just 3 months old - and the cutest little puppy I've seen in a while!

The food was great - everyone brought such great treats. Here is just a sampling of the menu...

Chocolate chip pecan bars;
lime macaroons;
blueberry muffins;
crumb cake muffins;
blueberry cobbler;
apple pie;
pecan pie bars;
mixed nut brittle bars;
trail mix bars;
fudge brownies;
rice crispie treats;

Homemade sausage gravy with biscuits made ON THE GRILL (just like the cowboys do);
stuffin muffins;
breakfast with eggs, bacon, french toast;
mini beef pies;
spinach feta triangles;
lil' smokies in puff pastry;
lil' smokies in cream cheese pastry;
mini chicken fried steak (YES. I made chicken fried steak. It's pretty good - not perfect, but pretty good);
shredded chicken for chicken bbq;
homemade Carolina barbecue sauce;
mini onion goat cheese tarts;
spinach dip and pita chips;
steamed shrimp w/cocktail sauce;
deep fried turkey, green beans, pb&j doughwiches, cheese sticks,
5 beer can chickens (bbq, garlic & cayenne cinnamon) - winner winner;
meat muffins (with bbq venison);
hot sausage sandwiches; and,
more that I can't remember right now.

My, personal, favorites this year were the Carolina bbq sandwiches (which we served pre-assembled on mini potato rolls with pickles and coleslaw) and the beer can chicken - which are always great - but the cayenne cinnamon birds were something special.

One casualty was my super favorite football field tray - it didn't survive the dirty dish bag :( it will be missed.

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