Blue White 2008 - Two Days More

of work for me - okay - 1 1/2 - I'll be heading up to State College Thursday (some time) in order to have all of Friday to prepare for the tailgate.

Hopefully we'll see you there. Again, we'll be tailgating in the West parking lot under the pressbox. We're meeting at the NLI to drive in at 0700 - so we'll be at the gates by 0800 - I expect that the breakfast treats will be available by 0803 with full breakfast fare to follow soon after.

Look for the checkered flag, 3 campers and line of canopies - there will be lots of good food, drink and conversation -

So far we've made:

Chocolate chip pecan bars;
lime macaroons;
blueberry muffins;
crumb cake muffins;
pecan pie bars;
mixed nut brittle bars;
trail mix bars;
fudge brownies;
mini beef pies;
spinach feta triangles;
lil' smokies in puff pastry;
lil' smokies in cream cheese pastry;
mini chicken fried steak (YES. I made chicken fried steak. It's pretty good - not perfect, but pretty good);
shredded chicken for chicken bbq; and,
homemade (yes, homemade) barbecue sauce.

There's a lot to be done before Saturday morning - but we're on our way.


Unknown said...

wow, you guys won't exactly be starving come saturday.

PSUgirl said...

no - but our goal every tailgate it to not waste anything - of course, sometimes it's inevitable - but since we're expecting 70+ people - we need some grub.

WFY said...

I think I'd like to stop by