Blue White 2008 - Two Weeks Out

So - in two weeks we'll be in State College, preparing for the Blue White game - everyone prepares in different ways - whether it be driving down Rte 322 (ooh, the Narrows isn't narrow anymore), sipping LIITs at Cafe 210, shopping at Wegmans for kielbasa and Middleswarth Potato Chips, heading over to SBS to check out the new array of sweatshirts and golfing accessories, or finishing up the last items for the tailgate... I can't wait.

Last year I got to "show off" Penn State (again) to my little godchildren - I had the best time. The other day the girls were visiting me at the office and I asked the older one (now 5) if she remembered walking on Campus singing the "Penn State Song" - she answered, Does it go..."Penn State's Great! Penn State's Great!" (complete with jumping up and down). I said "No, but it should". I reminded her that we were singing the song together as we walked up to the Creamery. She looks at me and says, very seriously, "Oh, I remember the Creamery".

So, Accuweather has that 15 day weather forecast - and, currently, Friday the 18th is the 15th day - and... the predicted weather for Friday, t'ain't great - High of 48 with rain in the PM. This can, of course, change - we'll see.

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WFY said...

Now way?! I can't believe the Blue White forecast is "High of 48 with rain." What are the odds?