Teach Your Sons to Wrestle Bears

and do arm stretching exercises every day - because that is what will turn them into a first round draft pick. Of course, the boy must be tall as well - and sure it would be super cool to keep him slim and teach him to use those freakish arms to throw the ball - but why bother? You'd be better off teaching him to catch the ball occasionally.

The number of Offensive tackles and Defensive Linemen that were drafted on Saturday is astounding. I realize that such positions are (and have become) the core of the successful NFL team, but it became even more apparent that the new "money" position is Left Tackle.

At the Blue White game, the only players you could really get close to to get an autograph were the Offensive Linemen - that now seems like a mistake.

SO, all that said, I watched 6 hours of linemen getting drafted on Saturday - I divided my time pretty evenly between the NFL Network and ESPN (NN seemed to have more "inside" info) - and with each pick I expected to hear Danny Connor's name. Early on I was "wishing" during certain picks "not Danny, not Danny" (that would be Dallas) and on others "Dan. Dan. Dan. Dan." (that would be Philly, Pitt, SD, Buff) - but by the end of the first round (albeit painful) and especially by the end of the 2nd round, I was just willing them "Dan, Dan Connor. Say Dan Connor!" but they never did.

Most "experts" had ranked Danny in the top 30 eligible players - but he just stayed on the board (as did some other "big names").

Of course I was also waiting for someone to pick Justin King. Mel Kiper actually had JK ranked above Dan on the "best available talent" list. But I wanted to hear Dan's name first - I just didn't realize that I'd have to wait until Sunday to hear either name.

On Sunday (I even missed church for this) I expected Dan to be the first one picked - but he wasn't - it took them 10 picks (and 35 minutes) hear his name. I watched the teams that I had been "counting on" go by - and then, the Carolina Panthers picked Dan - the 74th pick overall.

So then I expected Justin's to be the next name called with every pick. As the 3rd Round came to an end - I was flabbergasted that the PSU boys had fallen so far.

Finally, at the 2nd pick of the 4th Round and 101st overall - the St Louis Rams selected - Justin King, CB, PSU. So now JK is a teammate of Chris Long's - It's almost like we're best friends with Howie now.

From then on I flipped back to the draft between my other Sunday activities (ie watching the High School Confidential Marathon on We) -

No other PSUers were drafted - although some were picked up through free agency.

So now we look forward to the long summer - August 30th - ugghh.

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