Every Party is a Tailgate

that's my motto - that's my opinion -

perhaps you could suggest that every tailgate is a party - and I would not argue with you.

anyway - I (who will be among others who call themselves tailgaters) am going to a neighborhood "happy hour" tonight. We have a little group of fun people who, during the warm(er) months, host happy hours (the fact that it's craptastic weather shall not deter us) at alternating locations - and, tonight is the first of the 2008 season.

We (the guests) usually bring a snacky dish or two and maybe a beverage while the host provides the majority of the fare and libations.

So, today at lunch, I (who likes to use parentheticals and who hadn't really thought of anything to contribute to the happy hour until 1:05pm today) made a trio of dips/spreads to take to the party. I made - rosemary and white bean spread, green olive tapenade, and garlic-fresh oregano hummus.

Suz is going to concoct some delicious cooler - using blueberries, pomegranate, vodka and ginger ale - yum (as Racheal Ray would say) O!

The fact that I now reek of garlic upon my return to the office - is not abnormal.

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