Homecoming - 2008 - Inspired by Tradition

Homecoming - 2008 - It's on October 18th - and the game is against Michigan.

It should be a big, big day!

Kick-off is scheduled for 4:30pm - which sounds kinda perfect to me.

This is PSU's only home game in October - so organizers had little choice for setting the homecoming date (or so the folks at the NLC have said).

Those clever kiddos on the Homecoming Committee have created a blog (for announcements, updates, suggestions, etc).

Why don't you check it out and let them know that they should definitely have the tailgating contest again this year...  You can't be "non-award winning" if they aren't giving out awards.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking to the Homecoming Blog! My name is Fran Roach and I am the Special Events Overall. If you have any more ideas or suggestions for this year's Homecoming celebration, I would love to hear them at eventshomecoming@psu.edu.

See you in the Fall! WE ARE...