Phil (man of) Steele is scaring me!

According to Mr. Swindle's preview of the new Phil Steele's College Football Preview.

He, reportedly, has PSU ranked in the top 10 (okay, at #10 - but that's still in the top 10) - the only B10 team ranked ahead of them is tosu. Of course, USF is ranked 8th, WVU is #6 and florida is #1 - but still - somebody likes PSU and that...

Makes me happy and anxious for the season to start so we can win all those games and then show Phil that we're even better, 'cause we're gonna beat the bucknuts... and

makes me want to throw up because now I have to worry about PSU living up to expectations... and

this is why I hate (and love and hate) pre-season rankings and predictions (of course, in the olden days I used to hate it when the "experts" would rank PSU at #1 - #10 would be completely acceptable).

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