They are Marshall - I am a little disappointed

So, I watched "We Are Marshall" last night - and it was a good sports movie - not the best - but it did conjure up a few tears - and cheers.

It was a bit disjointed - trying to "tell" too many stories from too many angles - but it's a complex and compelling story - so that's understandable.

What wasn't understandable was the Special Features section.  I had, apparently foolishly, expected there to be a "featurette" on the Marshall story - the "real" people behind the rolls - but there wasn't - the only features were a Marshall commercial, a trailer for the movie and a featurette titled "Legendary Coaches" - this segment was introduced by the director of the film, McG (yeah, that's his "name" - he's the director of such classics as "Charlie's Angels" and "Charlie's Angels - Full Throttle") - so McG tells us how legendary coaches are the best in their sports - up flashes a picture of Bobby Bowden - not surprising, he's a character in the movie - but I just couldn't stomach it - so I ejected the DVD and watched Superbad - which, btw, was a much more entertaining, albeit sometimes disturbing, film.

I remember the first time I read about the Marshall crash - it was during the Randy Moss era - and (how interesting that Bowden was involved in that as well) the story is fascinating - sad beyond comprehension, but inspiring as well.  What a perfect opportunity for the filmmakers to pay (even a little more) tribute to those that died and those who carried on - oh well. 

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