Big Ten's Greatest Games

Finally has some PSU (fun to watch) action -

Recently, I've caught bits of different games - PSU v Oregon in the 1995 Rose Bowl - not the most inspiring of games - but fun to see the "old" guys again. I don't know what's more interesting/surprising/sad - the bits (names, plays, etc) I remember - or the ones I forget.

And they (re)aired PSU v Wisconsin, 2002 - I remember this game. I was up in NYC to celebrate a friend's birthday (don't worry - it was @ Wisconsin) - and I had emailed the president of the NYC alumni chapter - to see if people got together to watch games (as they do in Philadelphia) - she said that they do - and gave me in the information - it happened to be a bar really close to the hotel where we were staying. However, when we got there (the pres had mentioned that she probably wouldn't make it that week) - there were no "evident" Penn Staters - so, after a round of drinks, I finally asked the bartender "is this where the Penn staters meet?" - he sighed slightly, said yes - why didn't you mention it earlier?, and went back to the register to adjust our tab - to reflect the special PSU prices - that was cool. So the game finally came on and still, we were the only people really rooting for PSU - a Wisconsin fan happened to be sitting at the bar next to us - Wisconsin fans are good people - at least most of them are - this fella did not possess the mid-western charm (perhaps the big city had changed him) - oh well. As you all remember - The game was pretty exciting - PSU jumped out to a lead - but Wisconsin clawed back... With about 20 (real time) minutes left the bartender informed us that he was going to have to switch the TV over to the Yankees' game - BASEBALL? this is supposed to be the Penn State bar! he reminded us that our v. small group were the only ones watching in a now crowded bar - he said that he would have a TV switched over in dining room - cool - fine - excellent - we walk over to the restaurant area - no PSU - I dash back to the bar - our bartender, who is pretty much swamped, says - give me a minute - we are freaking out - trying to figure out if we can run back to the hotel in time to see the end - but now there are only about 10 minutes left in the game - it would have been really difficult. While I was white hot angry, I hadn't gotten to the abusive stage, yet - the Wisconsin fan let his displeasure be known. After what seemed an eternity - they switched a tv in the dining room to the game - we sat at a table - getting the oddest looks from the patrons and wait staff. We got to see the end of the game and PSU win - we were thrilled! I skipped down to the bar - got the bartender's attention and asked for our bill. He said "I threw it away" - I thought - what the h#$@ does that mean? - he said, "you guys were really cool about having to move and that other kid was a real jerk - so no charge." We had been there for about 4 hours; we ate, we drank - all for free. I asked "can I leave a tip?" he said "sure" - so I left a tip that was about 40% of what the bill would have been (the cash I had on hand). It was an unbelievably great day. Watching the game I recalled the events of that day - but the thing that really struck me was - Paul Posluzsny was still in high school at that time.

Oh, and last night I stayed up to watch PSU v tosu 2001 - 324. Ah memories. Zack was just a freshman and had a healthy shoulder - and not everyone was hip to his wicked play fake superiority. I remember that it was terribly cold (especially for the end of October) - We had some tosu fans as guests at our tailgate - they were long time friends and had been coming to games over the years (plus, I hadn't really developed my distaste for tosu, yet) - they were very gracious during the first half of the game - and then I got to be "nice" to them as the game progressed - ha ha ha. I'll never forget Zack's long run - or how PSU fought their way back into the game - or how the defense stood strong. I'll admit that I had forgotten the "pick six" that put tosu up by 18 - and, strangely, I had forgotten the blocked field goal - PSU was just meant to win that day -

Fun fun. I love watching the old games - it's so funny - I know the outcome - and I often remember the sequence of events -but I still get all riled up - yelping and cheering. good times.

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