Blue White 2008 - Newsletter

Okay - I know that it's 2 months later - but hey - the TC likes to spread things out so we all have something to look forward to during the off-season -

So here it is - Blue White Weekend recap - per the Tailgating Coordinator:

Official quote:

"This isn't my first time"

It was yet another great sunny blue white weekend for 2008. One can only conclude that our beer master "Duck" brought the sun shine with him from Florida.


The weekend started with extensive travel for many of the diesel tailgaters. Duck left Florida for DC on Thursday morning, where he met up with Jessi and her sister Caitlyn for a 4 hour drive to State College. Caitlyn will be off the market in just a few weeks. All the girl tailgaters celebrated with her on Friday for little back dress night (LBDN).

Team Tennessee left Knoxville on Thursday night drove late in to the night. We caught a few winks in the truck and arrived in state collage at about noon and ready to start drinking. Of course, Team CT arrived late Thursday and hit the Darkhorse for Yuengs and wings. It is almost unbelievable that Johnny managed to deliver the yet-unnamed-penn-state-camper without any catastrophes. He did tell me about a close call where the wind coming off a big rig almost tossed his little shortbed and the camper into the ditch while coming around a bend on I-80, just one more reason to get a super duty.


Redneck Chad, back for this second time after a two years hiatus, met us at the cafe. The weather was warm and there were "skirts and tank tops as far as the eye can see". Team Vinyard made a late arrival to round out the all the big players. Cafe teas were not the only drink of choice this Friday. The miller lite girls and friends tuned us on the fantastic Miami vice (half pina colada, half dacori). I must say that they were the best table neighbors. The Big D gave up our second table to them early in the day because our crowd was lagging behind. He didn't sell out cheap, because they hooked them up with a round beer only to be repeated several time as we rotated in and out of the cafe all day. We also ran in to Denise at the cafe where she also greeted us with a round of shots.

Team TN headed back to our host location (Casa da la Jeremy) to get cleaned up for LBDN. Jessi and Girls got ready quickly at the IMI and headed to the Rathskellar. The pre-party at Jeremy's was roaring. His out of town guests were getting in the spirit of the weekend. With the night all ready in progress and no cabs to be found, Kevin picked our drunk-asses up (all 7 of us) in his friend's Pontiac G6. Ask Big Will to describe what happened to Redneck Chad at this point. We meet up with the LBDN crowd at the saloon. Velveeta was playing and monkey boy was flowing. The girls pushed their way up to the stage to dance and celebrate Caitlyn's last Penn State weekend as a batchorlette. No specify details were remembered, therefore, it was must have been a good time.

Official Stats

Guests: 100 **
days in beaver stadium paved lot: 2 *
PowerStroke Diesels: 2
Trucks: 4
Trailers: 2 **
Donations: $140
Flagpoles: 6 *
Dogs: 2 **
bachelorettes: 1 *
Giant Dirt Pile Climbers: 3 *
Cases of beer: 24
Parking Spots Used : 12
idiot parking lot attendants: 2 or 3
times I feared Vaughn would expose himself: NONE! **

* = new record
** = BWW record


Saturday morning started with enthusiasm. The gang again met up at Nittany Lion Inn at what should have been 7:30 but was closer to 8am and headed to Beaver Stadium. The bitter nasty parking Gestapo forced us to park several rows back for our traditional BWW spot, however we were still directly in line with the water tower. This separated us from Smitty and Al, who were parked in anticipation of witnessed our antics from a safe distance. Set up began and all 6 flagpoles were up in moments and breakfast was on the grill. Redneck Chad, our breakfast guy, blessed us with eggs, bacon, freedom toast sticks and much more. Duck was all ready "passing out little bits of happiness" as team TN whipped up some good ole biscuits and sausage gravy on the grill (just like the cowboys make 'em). Suz also made some stuffin' muffins for hungry tailgaters.

Some highlights from the day:

We had a record number of flag poles. Matt got a new aluminum flagpole for Christmas. It was so nice, he bought a second for this game.

Team Amazing tailgaters gave our grill master Chris a set of lighted grill tongs as a gift.

We had several first time baby tailgaters. This was the first tailgate for Sean (Dena and Mark's son). He and Lily May (our new puppy) took comfort together as their young eyes were overwhelmed with the busy activities and busy people. We also had a future cheerleader.

Missy and Chris made it to their fist tailgate since graduating over 6 years ago.

Critical Pete and Pittsburg Bob's and crew helped out by bringing more ice.

Vaughn managed to find us again this year and came by minivan. Despite the appearance of his personal beer bong, he was generally well behaved. He even ended up putting more clothes at the end of the day. This is a tailgating first. It must have been because he brought his nephew and family. So now you need to be on the look out for this van.

Kori brought her friends from work to join the fun. And graced us with Meat Muffins

Mad and Suz also joined in the southern cooking theme and made Carolina BBQ sandwiches.

We had plenty of good beverages, including plenty of bombers. There were also plenty of mixed drinks and specialty shots.

Kelly, like a champ, was passing out shots before the game.

In addition to his wheeled game of polish horseshoes, Rich brought sausage and peppers to help feed the masses. Not to be defeated, he changed the names on all the package of rolls to Crusty freedom rolls.

Chris and I both made batches of bacon cheddar burgers, so everyone got one this time.

Big Will was sporting the Penn State embroidered shorts. He takes flair to the next level.

This tailgate had one of the best group photos. Our neighboring RV'ers took a break from sitting in their camper and reading to take our photo from on top of their RV. The photo was very cool: tailgating with out a grill, not so cool.

Carter's regular car was in the shop getting a new engine, but he still cranked out the tunes. Even without his car, we still had great tunes yet again

After the game, Duck made his best Beer can chickens and team Vinyard fired up the deep fryer. One of the newest creations was a jelly donut. It's a deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Jamie, following in her big brother Rich's footsteps, hooked the group up with jell-o shots in professional style cups with lids.

Smitty, Heidi, and Al stopped by with their camper before pulling out of beaver stadium, Critical Peter thought their camper was a mobile porta-potty and when he realized it was a personal camper debated jumping out of the bathroom window. (Because they now bringing porta potties to the drunk people?!?). This gave Al good laugh.

We had an early evening dance party with tunes from carter and snapped a late night "stragglers" photo. I got video evidence that Redneck Chad can dance, you just have to play his kind of music and put some THA out there for him.

They were refinishing the baseball field near the stadium and some redneck decided to put all of this extra dirt into a 40 foot tall pile with only an orange snow fence to keep people out. Chad, Chris and I did a late night dirt pile hill climb race. Chris and
Chad got to the top at the same time and left me way behind, only because I was wearing flip flops at the time and decided to do it barefoot. That's why you never go into battle without your armor.

At end of the evening when just I, Carter, Erica and my wife were left, I protested at 10pm that I was going to have a FEW more bombers and go to bed. Carted raised an eye brow to "a few".


The few campers that were left in the parking lot awoke to a cloudy morning and the roar of the track vacs sucking up the millions of empties. Luckily, we were able to pack up before the rain started and head on home.

For the Glory,
Tailgating Coordinator


Unknown said...

Again and again you guys leave me speechless after reading about your tailgates. I'm in complete awe. If you arn't the biggest/best/most organized psu tailgate, i don't know who is. as a current student who only runs a small tailgate, you are truely something to aspire to. keep up the good work.

PSUgirl said...

that's sweet - thanks.

We have (almost) as much fun planning and getting ready for the tailgates as we do hosting them!

Planning for tailgates - and the Blue White game - help us get through the off season.