it's time to talk tailgating

The summer is upon us and it will be football season before we know it!

We've been discussing a variety of themes, foods, recipes, etc - and everyone is getting pretty excited about the upcoming season.

One downer - one that has become an annual pre-season PitA - is the parking map. I can't tell you how agitated I get just looking at the PDF (if you haven't seen it, PINK parking has encroached into lot 13 (surprised? i didn't think so.). My guess is that we'll be hosting the "bigger" tailgates over in the RV lots - I just get so unhappy when I think about all of this.

As you probably know, we used to park in the PINK lot - and it was terrible - we'd get there when the gate (rope) opened - but everyone else would come and go, basically, up to game time. We were always moving the canopy back and forth - so cars could get by. Over 3 seasons we had 2 instances when our car was hit by another tailgater - and another incident when someone just ran over the tailgate, altogether. This doesn't happen in the non-reserved lots (preferred or otherwise) - no one is driving in 60 minutes before kickoff. And of course, when we have a 6+car convoy into the game, one reserved spot wasn't going to do us much good. The non-reserved lots have the problem of space allotment - we want it - the parking attendants sometimes don't want to give it - and periodically there will be a bike cop who walks through reminding us that we must have a "fire lane".

All of the non-reserved lots are, technically, parking lots, not tailgating lots (even though it's more difficult to tailgate there, generally). So if PSU wanted to tell us that we are not allowed to tailgate - they totally could - we already "break the rules" by using canopies in the "parking" lots (irony).


that is, funny stuff...

we are going to create a ... facebook page - for the tailgate - it makes me a little sick to the stomach - but it's actually a good way to inform the masses about our tailgating plans.

I'll let you know as soon as it goes live - wink.

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