Signs it's the off-season: Purchases

During the off-season, I spend a lot of time consoling myself through retail therapy -

Things for the tailgate - PSU clothing - PSU gift items - PSU jewelry, etc - it all helps make the off season a little less horrible.

I've hit the time of year when nearly all purchases are geared toward the football season.

Summer stuff is starting to go on sale -

Every designer, every year, does some sort of "blue" line for outdoor entertaining - and now is when you can pick up some great tailgating accessories at bargain prices.

Also, navy is a summer (spring) color - so I always check the sales to stock up on navy apparel.

This off season I've been a bit more focused than usual - we're planning (in particular) for one super big tailgate (homecoming) this season - it will be (to quote HiMyM) legendary = no really, it's gonna be great. The basement is packed (some say cluttered, I say packed) with decorations, gear, etc -

My random impulse buy of the off season has been a custom stamp for the tailgate (but even that was on sale) - it has a (licensed) chipmunk logo in the middle circled by "2 the Lion Tailgate" and the website address - whoo.

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