This is the time of year when I go mostly crazy - there's nothing to do but speculate and stew about the upcoming season.

Some pundits/reviewers are harsh (Curse them!) and some are encouraging (no jinx - no jinx!)

But mostly everyone is in the same boat - we have one month of waiting - with nothing to do but listen to the talking heads and read the team previews in print and on the blogosphere -

It's pure torture.

What will Penn State be like this year? According to some we have sound team that is just waiting to show what they can do - to others, we have a team on the brink of destruction, with an unproven qb and coach who has no more a grip on his reality than he does on his team...

Will Penn State win every game they play this year? (yes! yes, they sure will!) Will Joe retire (?) as the (then) current winningest coach (he's still the winningest - regardless of the "counting")?

So. What do I expect from the team this year? I think that PSU has the potential to have a pretty good offense this year - they have 2 talented RBs in the backfield and a corp veteran receivers - they have an experienced O-line... and a new quarterback. On defense I see/hope the depth chart filling in the gaps left by injuries (to the person and the college career) on the front 2 lines - As for the secondary... well... the hope is, of course, that the defense will be able to eliminate our opponents' short game - forcing them to run low percentage plays, and make a lot of mistakes. There are some talented kids in the secondary - they just have to "get in the game."

Oh, and I expect, nay, I demand, that we will have 7 fantastic tailgates!


The Evites are Coming...

Woman lying on the grass using laptop
Check your email accounts (and spam filters) for your evite to the September 6th tailgate!

We may have over 30 oregon state fans at the tailgate - and we don't want to be outnumbered!

If you haven't received one - you can still RSVP via the facebook page (yes, facebook) or by emailing either the Tailgating Coordinator or us at 2theLion.

As a reminder, we'll be tailgating in the overnight RV lots (Thursday through) all day on Saturday - stop by if you can!

I'll be sending out emails for the Coastal Carolina game soon -

Joe's Press Conference at the B10 Media Day

You can check out the questions and answers on GoPSUsports.com.

Kevin Tan - Captain

2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Gymnastics Day 3

Kevin Tan has been selected (by his teammates) as captain of the Men's US Olympic Gymnastics Team.

That's pretty impressive considering some of the other members of the team.

The Tickets are Here!

They arrived whist we were on the trip to Kentucky -

Same seats - that's fine.

They sent along a lot of propaganda this year - the parking manual, a schedule of events, and some advertisements.

The parking lots (as previously discussed) have changed a little - but we're planning on sticking with Lot 13 - we'll see how it goes for the first game - we're toying with the idea of parking by Fox Hollow road for Illinois - but we'll keep you posted on that.

Of course for the Sept 6th (OSU) and Oct 18th (um) games we will be up in the RV overnight lots.

The Illinois game is a stadium wide "only wear white" game.


They ARE having a tailgating contest this year - they will start to accept applications on August 18th.

I just had a sick feeling - what if they don't pick us as a finalist?

It could happen - they'd be like - "you had your chance to be non-award winning last year... let someone else not win this year."

Oh now I'm getting myself all wound up.

I need some coffee.


Have you ordered your "endeavor to create a visually monochromatic phenomenon" t-shirt yet?

Even though schools have been encouraged to "phase out" the common term of "white out" - that doesn't mean that we can't or shouldn't continue to show our team loyalty/solidarity/pride through our wardrobe.

You can still order your official 2008 "blizzard that severely reduces visibility" T-shirts here.

It's Big Ten Kickoff Time Again

Chicago skyscrapers
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Their kind of town.

Joe Paterno, along with team captains, Josh Gaines, AQ Shipley and Derrick Williams will represent PSU at this year's Big Ten Kickoff - July 24-25 in Chicago.

Look for press conference and interview transcripts from the Penn Staters as well as from the other teams in the BIg Ten.

Sadly/inspiringly/spitefully, the B10 preview (now) always reminds me of 2005 - when Michael Robinson was on the trip for the Lions. He reported back that no one came to the PSU table - and that no one wanted to talk with them. He later (in the season) remarked that "now" everyone wanted to talk to him.

Joe is enshrined.

Notre Dame v Penn State
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It really seems to take a long time to actually get into the College Football Hall of Fame - once you've been "selected."

Of course, Joe postponed his entry one year due to his leg injury in 2006 - but still, after having been "selected" in 2006, and participating in the "dinner" in 2007 - Joe has finally been enshrined into the Hall of Fame -

So now you can plan (save up gas money for) your road trip(s) to South Bend, Indiana to tour the Hall and seek out the tribute(s) to Coach Paterno and the other 20 PSU Footballers who have been so honored.

I'm loathe to admit that I've never been to the CFHoF - neither in Cincinnati nor in its present location.

I've been to the Pro Football Hall - multiple times - and I love it there.


Be wary of your Spreadshirt accounts...

Joe-college.com, the creator of many a satirical and unlicensed logo-T, was sued by the University of Kansas for trademark infringement - and they lost - a federal jury ruled that the company owes the university over $100K in profits and they are prohibited from any further production of a number of their "designs."

While I realize that I've only made about $.12 from creating shirts on Spreadshirt, I don't relish the idea of having to pay court costs to defend my right to fashion a t-shirt of navy with white writing on it.

See it's "color" that makes this Kansas case is so crazy - The basis of the claims against the rogue t-shirt Co. was that the University of Kansas owns "the color blue" (of course they do don a unique, slightly purply shade).

Sure - joecollege.com makes tons more $$ than your average Cafe Press dabbler - but it is, as your garden variety constitutional law professor would say, a slippery slope.

Of course, as Penn State fans, we have all lived through the saga of the "five toed paw" - for years, because Clemson University owned the trademark on the/a four toed pawprint - other licensed logos were forced to go with either a 3 or 5 toed version (neither of which is terribly palatable when you think of the misaligned genetics required to produce such a result) - The "ban" on 4 toed paws ended a few years ago - but most PSU pawprints still sport the extra digit - You can find more biologically correct fan gear at Moyer's Jewelers and Lion's Pride.

Btw- call Picapp if you have any questions about the photo...


44 days until Football.

That's actually not that far away -


Not "crap" in a bad way - but "crap" in a "I have a lot to get sorted out and prepared before then" kinda way.

The season always has a way of sneaking up on me - no matter how much I plan and organize - I always descend into a semi-frantic panic in the last few weeks - getting ready for the season.

My perennial worry lately has been Parking - questioning what bs the admin will pull this year... Of course, both the parking committee and NLC have issued parameters and statements early this year (not a week/day before the first game as they have in past seasons).

As for the actual football...

...there's been some news about recruiting - and rankings - and ratings - and so on -

and yes, it's all important to the game and the team - I just haven't been paying a ton of attention to it lately.

I'm just ready for some football (as is usually the case this time of year) -

As for the tailgating...

...we've settled on a few themes - "Pluck the Chanticleers" - crude, but not foul; "Stick it to the Beavers" - crude, but to the point; har har - I'm so punny; Oktoberfest for Illinois; "Homecoming for the Holidays" for, well, Homecoming; and the rest of the games are still under consideration.

we'll have 2 Diesel - 2theLion tailgates this year - Oregon State and michigan.

It's time to seriously start getting ready.
View of Flags


Football Eve - Celebration to kickoff the PSU 2008 Football Season

Your chance to see Joe Paterno and the 2008 Football team before the season starts!

On Friday, August 29th - PSU will host "Penn State Football Eve" outside and inside Beaver Stadium.

Festivities outside the stadium begin at 6pm - the stadium opens at 7pm,

Check out more details at GoPSUsports.com

The Lions face off against Coastal Carolina in their season opener on August 30th at 12pm.


Matthew Rice - The Artist

Matthew Rice will be at the All Sports Museum this Saturday (it's arts festival time, after all) - to present and discuss his art, and on being an artist.

It sounds like a pretty cool event - check out GoPSUsports.com for more details.

Also, check out Rice's personal website Mateo Blu - it's spectacular.



Penn State Football Game times announced.

Just got back from State College - yes, 2 days before the Arts Festival begins, and yes, I did plan it that way.


PSU has (officially) announced times for 3 more games.

The August 30th home opener against Coastal Carolina will kickoff at 12pm and air on the Big Ten Network.

PSU finally confirms that the September 6th match up against Oregon State begins at 3:30pm and airs on ABC.

And the PSU Temple game (September 20th) will start at 12pm and will also be broadcast on the Big Ten Network.

PSU's other home game times, thus far, are:

September 27th - Illinois - 8:00pm (broadcast somewhere on the ABC/ESPN network)

October 18th - michigan - 4:30pm (on ESPN or ESPN2)