44 days until Football.

That's actually not that far away -


Not "crap" in a bad way - but "crap" in a "I have a lot to get sorted out and prepared before then" kinda way.

The season always has a way of sneaking up on me - no matter how much I plan and organize - I always descend into a semi-frantic panic in the last few weeks - getting ready for the season.

My perennial worry lately has been Parking - questioning what bs the admin will pull this year... Of course, both the parking committee and NLC have issued parameters and statements early this year (not a week/day before the first game as they have in past seasons).

As for the actual football...

...there's been some news about recruiting - and rankings - and ratings - and so on -

and yes, it's all important to the game and the team - I just haven't been paying a ton of attention to it lately.

I'm just ready for some football (as is usually the case this time of year) -

As for the tailgating...

...we've settled on a few themes - "Pluck the Chanticleers" - crude, but not foul; "Stick it to the Beavers" - crude, but to the point; har har - I'm so punny; Oktoberfest for Illinois; "Homecoming for the Holidays" for, well, Homecoming; and the rest of the games are still under consideration.

we'll have 2 Diesel - 2theLion tailgates this year - Oregon State and michigan.

It's time to seriously start getting ready.
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