This is the time of year when I go mostly crazy - there's nothing to do but speculate and stew about the upcoming season.

Some pundits/reviewers are harsh (Curse them!) and some are encouraging (no jinx - no jinx!)

But mostly everyone is in the same boat - we have one month of waiting - with nothing to do but listen to the talking heads and read the team previews in print and on the blogosphere -

It's pure torture.

What will Penn State be like this year? According to some we have sound team that is just waiting to show what they can do - to others, we have a team on the brink of destruction, with an unproven qb and coach who has no more a grip on his reality than he does on his team...

Will Penn State win every game they play this year? (yes! yes, they sure will!) Will Joe retire (?) as the (then) current winningest coach (he's still the winningest - regardless of the "counting")?

So. What do I expect from the team this year? I think that PSU has the potential to have a pretty good offense this year - they have 2 talented RBs in the backfield and a corp veteran receivers - they have an experienced O-line... and a new quarterback. On defense I see/hope the depth chart filling in the gaps left by injuries (to the person and the college career) on the front 2 lines - As for the secondary... well... the hope is, of course, that the defense will be able to eliminate our opponents' short game - forcing them to run low percentage plays, and make a lot of mistakes. There are some talented kids in the secondary - they just have to "get in the game."

Oh, and I expect, nay, I demand, that we will have 7 fantastic tailgates!

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