Be wary of your Spreadshirt accounts...

Joe-college.com, the creator of many a satirical and unlicensed logo-T, was sued by the University of Kansas for trademark infringement - and they lost - a federal jury ruled that the company owes the university over $100K in profits and they are prohibited from any further production of a number of their "designs."

While I realize that I've only made about $.12 from creating shirts on Spreadshirt, I don't relish the idea of having to pay court costs to defend my right to fashion a t-shirt of navy with white writing on it.

See it's "color" that makes this Kansas case is so crazy - The basis of the claims against the rogue t-shirt Co. was that the University of Kansas owns "the color blue" (of course they do don a unique, slightly purply shade).

Sure - joecollege.com makes tons more $$ than your average Cafe Press dabbler - but it is, as your garden variety constitutional law professor would say, a slippery slope.

Of course, as Penn State fans, we have all lived through the saga of the "five toed paw" - for years, because Clemson University owned the trademark on the/a four toed pawprint - other licensed logos were forced to go with either a 3 or 5 toed version (neither of which is terribly palatable when you think of the misaligned genetics required to produce such a result) - The "ban" on 4 toed paws ended a few years ago - but most PSU pawprints still sport the extra digit - You can find more biologically correct fan gear at Moyer's Jewelers and Lion's Pride.

Btw- call Picapp if you have any questions about the photo...

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