The Evites are Coming...

Woman lying on the grass using laptop
Check your email accounts (and spam filters) for your evite to the September 6th tailgate!

We may have over 30 oregon state fans at the tailgate - and we don't want to be outnumbered!

If you haven't received one - you can still RSVP via the facebook page (yes, facebook) or by emailing either the Tailgating Coordinator or us at 2theLion.

As a reminder, we'll be tailgating in the overnight RV lots (Thursday through) all day on Saturday - stop by if you can!

I'll be sending out emails for the Coastal Carolina game soon -


Anonymous said...

First off, I'd just like to say I love reading your blog :)

Because of your die-hard love of Penn State tailgating (and bitterness of losing last year... seriously you have an entire label called "Best non-award winning tailgate ever" dedicated to it...) I wanted to remind you personally that registration for the Alumni Tailgate Competition opens today!

Visit our website at http://homecoming.psu.edu for details

For the Glory!

PSUgirl said...

Thanks Steve!

It's not bitterness - it's irony, self-deprecation, humor and a blatant reutilization of an over saturated catch phrase -