Joe is enshrined.

Notre Dame v Penn State
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It really seems to take a long time to actually get into the College Football Hall of Fame - once you've been "selected."

Of course, Joe postponed his entry one year due to his leg injury in 2006 - but still, after having been "selected" in 2006, and participating in the "dinner" in 2007 - Joe has finally been enshrined into the Hall of Fame -

So now you can plan (save up gas money for) your road trip(s) to South Bend, Indiana to tour the Hall and seek out the tribute(s) to Coach Paterno and the other 20 PSU Footballers who have been so honored.

I'm loathe to admit that I've never been to the CFHoF - neither in Cincinnati nor in its present location.

I've been to the Pro Football Hall - multiple times - and I love it there.

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