The Tickets are Here!

They arrived whist we were on the trip to Kentucky -

Same seats - that's fine.

They sent along a lot of propaganda this year - the parking manual, a schedule of events, and some advertisements.

The parking lots (as previously discussed) have changed a little - but we're planning on sticking with Lot 13 - we'll see how it goes for the first game - we're toying with the idea of parking by Fox Hollow road for Illinois - but we'll keep you posted on that.

Of course for the Sept 6th (OSU) and Oct 18th (um) games we will be up in the RV overnight lots.

The Illinois game is a stadium wide "only wear white" game.


They ARE having a tailgating contest this year - they will start to accept applications on August 18th.

I just had a sick feeling - what if they don't pick us as a finalist?

It could happen - they'd be like - "you had your chance to be non-award winning last year... let someone else not win this year."

Oh now I'm getting myself all wound up.

I need some coffee.

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