Dan the Man.

So, by now you've probably heard that Danny Connor led the Panthers in tackles in their preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts (if you haven't, he did) -

The Panthers, who have boasted a defensive line up deeper than the Mariana Trench, have been riddled with injuries this off-season so Connor is seeing a lot more action on the practice fields than might have been predicted.

And he's been doing pretty well. Reportedly, he is very focused on training camp - and has "stopped talking to friends at Penn State" - and besides, I'm sure that they've all let Prince Albert out of the can by now.

The Panthers travel up to Philadelphia for their second pre-season game tonight (FOX - 8pm EST).

image gingerly borrowed from Scout.com

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Anonymous said...

dan got a tackle in on tony hunt last night, which was kind of surreal for me. neither said anything after the hit.

was nice to see tony play well last night.