Let's take a look at the Season.

Yeah, we could go through the depth chart and the positives and negatives of each position - but there are other blogs and publications that are doing a fine job with that...

Why don't we take a look at the tailgates...

Week One. August 30th. Coastal Carolina.

The chanticleers. It's an early kickoff (12pm) so we have to serve fare that stores well - and can survive (so we can survive) the warmer temperatures. Although the current forecast is predicting some rain - we're hoping to still be in the parking lots by 7am Saturday morning.

Our theme is "Pluck the Chanticleers" - and we'll be serving chicken (ha ha).

Week Two. September 6th. (the) oregon state university.

The beavers. This must be a sort of pilgrimage for the beavers to play at Beaver Stadium. It's also an unholy opportunity for inappropriateness across the board.

Such as our theme: "Stick it to the Beavers" - all foods on a stick (some finger foods as well - stop it!) "Tapas" (what?), if you will.

Week Three. September 20th. Temple.

The Cherry and the White - ie, the Owls. As the Lions host Al Golden's team, we'll be hosting a group of Temple people. It's another early start.

Our theme? "Tour of Pennsylvania." - it's the Italian Market meets pot pie and pierogi.

Week Four. September 27th. illinois.

the fighting illini. The game doesn't kick off until 8pm - which is perfectly okay with me as it is my absolute favorite tailgate of the year....


Week Five. October 18th. michigan. Homecoming.

the wolverines. To say that this is a "big game" is the understatement of the season - it would be similarly inadequate to say "big tailgate." - as you know, we've entered the tailgating competition (pick me! pick me!) - and well, we take these things kinda seriously.

The theme: I'm not sure I'm ready to discuss this one yet. It's not like it's a secret (shhhh!) or anything - it just deserves it's own posting(s).

Week Six. November 15th. indiana.

the hoosiers. After a month away from Happy Valley - we'll be ready to return and fire up the Coleman. And we still need to decide on a theme for this game.

It could be a cold day - so heartier fare is a good bet.

Possible themes: Australian Pub (Australian?); Chili & Soup; Italian; French;

Week Seven. November 22nd. msu.

the spartans. There's a score to be settled here - PSU let msu win a game they had no business winning - this year it needs to be different.

So, let's see, we need a different theme for this game... We just haven't come up with one yet.


Anonymous said...

My (and Renetta Morelli's) high school mascot was the DuBois Beaver. Much like we would guard the Lion @ PSU homecoming, well, yes, we would guard the Beaver (statue, stop it!) at DuBois homecoming. Guard the beaver. Not joking, seriously.

Unknown said...


Have you read the parking rules for this year? They say that, "Canopies or tarps are not permitted in the preferred, yellow, or black parking areas."

Do you think this includes the easy-up tents that 70% of all tailgators have? And if so, do you think they will actually enforce this?

Anonymous said...

I have a blue parking pass and had a problem parking in the blue "preferred" lot today. They have shrunk the blue parking area and took away an entire field that is at the end of the red parking lot outside the south end zone. I paid good money for that pass and now there is less room than before. I was there relatively early. I know there are more blue pass holders that were told there was no more room in blue. Where did they get sent to? You pay the money and then aren't given room to park. Anyone have an answer or similar story to share?