Penn State Football Tickets - Sold Out.

All 7 home games for the upcoming 2008 football season are sold out.

PSU sold over 90K season tickets this year - that's a lot - when you think that the majority of stadiums don't even seat 90K.

One has to wonder - do people think that this is Joe Paterno's last season and they are buying up a chance to witness the farewell tour?

I believe that it's exactly what people are thinking. They want to be able to say that they saw Coach Paterno at his last game: at PSU, against whomever; his final win; and so on.


Anonymous said...

while it is nice that our alumni(-nus? dammit, i never get this right) fully supports the university in the way they do, it only perpetuates the percieved notion of cupcake scheduling.

in other words, the powers that be can take the position that playing teams like the fightin' amish is justifyable given ticket sales sold out for coastal carolina.

PSUgirl said...

JD - I agree - however, in the event that this is Joe Paterno's final season - future sales could definitely be in jeopardy.

Depending on who is named as the new HC - there might be some novelty - but unless they hire someone extraordinary - I suspect that it will wear off quickly.

If they were brilliant they would announce that 2009 is Joe's final season - that home schedule is brutal.