The Tailgate Approaches

crikey - it's going to be 7am August 30th before we know it.

PSU's first game - as you know - is against the Chanticleers of Coastal Carolina (I love it that spell check knows "Chanticleer") - and we're all set to "Pluck the Chanticleers!"

We'll be parking in Lot 13 (the bits that they still let the proletariat park in) - and we'll be there when the gates open.

Our menu for the day includes some fan favorites, such as "carolina pulled chicken sandwiches" and pecan pie bars (yum!).

We're planning for a pretty small crowd - so let us know if you'll be stopping by.

Be sure to email if you need more information/directions/contact numbers.



WFY said...

What style of Carolina?

PSUgirl said...

eastern (with a little South thrown in) - vinegar based - with a little tomato (ketchup) and brown sugar.

sandwiches on rolls with slaw and pickles.