Thunderstorm Possible.

And they don't mean the Nittany Lions' explosive backfield (I hear that a daily regiment of Activa can clear that up).

Accuweather (who i no longer trust, ever - but always use to get my game day forecasts) forecasts a High 80 on Saturday, with clouds and sunshine - with a couple of showers and thunderstorms possible. Rain Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night, This is (the storm formerly known as Hurricane) Fay's last hurrah - here's hoping that she travels north at a quick(er) pace.

So pack a poncho and some tarps - probably too warm for the rain gear -

Presently the forecast for September 6th is Warm with Partial sunshine (high 85) -


WFY said...

I remember one game a few years ago Accuweather said it would be dry. I drove past it in disgust.

PSUgirl said...

that was most likely in 2006 - and Ernesto.

WFY said...

I think you are correct on that one, it sounds about right. I think it rained more that season than the previous ten combined.

PSUgirl said...

again, i agree. We had, the previous 6 seasons or so had excellent weather though - we were due.