PENN STATE v purdue - Game Time

Penn State travels out to West Lafayette this weekend for their first Big Ten road game of the season.

Kick off is at 12pm (EST) and the game will be aired on ESPN.


Here We Go Round Again.

Heading up to State College this afternoon. We hope to get an early start to avoid some traffic (last week was a bit ick).

If you're going to be in the area, be sure to stop by the tailgate to say "hey" - we'll have plenty of time.

Check out GoPSUsports.com for Game Day Central and all your official Penn State information - including (but not limited to): Stadium info; Parking Map (PDF); Gameday Traffic; Visitor's Guide; RV parking; and, much more!

They also have the transcript from the players' press conference and the latest installment of their "Nittany Lions in the NFL" series.

Posluszny (leads the Bills in tackles) and L. Johnson (finally!) had good outings last week. You may (or may not) have heard that Danny Connor busted his knee and is out for the rest of the season (#$@#*&@!!!!).

Out of Conference Schedule gets HUGE boost.

While many Penn Staters were complaining about the lack of quality opponents on the Lions' Out of Conference schedule - the Oregon State Beavers were diligently preparing to host the #1 ranked University of Southern California Trojans, their perennial opponent, over whom they had pulled an upset the last time USC traveled to Corvallis.

Very diligently.

Oregon State beat So. Cal last night - they dominated in the first half - going into the locker room up 21 - 0. USC battled back in the 2nd half - scoring easily to get the score to 21 -14 and they were driving again when USC quarterback Mark Sanchez' passing game went a bit haywire - resulting in an OSU interception (Greg Laybourn) that was run back within the 5 yard line.

The resulting touchdown (whoo!) made the difference in Oregon State's win as USC would score on their next possession. The Final score was 27 - 21.

And the crowd went wild - as did many a Penn State fan throughout the nation.

Of course this isn't really a "win" for Penn State - but it feels like one.


Forecast Update.

Now Accuweather is calling for rain on Saturday - not a lot - but enough that you should bring along the tarps and rain gear.

The "hourly" forecast predicts rain at 1pm, 4pm and 7pm - and we won't crack 70 degrees. The total rainfall is expected to be .08" - which isn't too bad over a 12 + hour span.

But there is some tropical trouble brewing on the East Coast - so it's best to be prepared.


GoPSUsports.com - Penn State Football Information

Check out GoPSUsports.com for the transcript of the JoePa's Tuesday press conference and the illinois game notes.

Clearly, You Should Bag Your Trash.

With the upcoming marathon tailgate - this weekend the parking lots open 12 hours before kickoff (8am) - there is going to be a lot of refuse on and about the Beaver Stadium area.

Trash has been a touchy issue at Penn State - Of course hundreds of thousands of people milling around for 12 hours (or more) is going to result in tons of trash - there's just no way to avoid it. There are those who will be appalled at the untidiness, and there will be those who marvel at the fact that it wasn't "worse". We'll see.

But what can we do to help the OPP in their quest to clear the cow pastures? The answer is clear.

Yes. Clear.

For your trash, use the clear plastic bags that are provided by the University (or any clear bags you may have yourself) - you'll find them (as well as the blue recycling bags) attached to dispensers and dumpsters throughout the parking/reserved lots. Don't put used propane canisters in with your trash; place them beside your trash pile or put them in the dumpsters yourself. Also, any odd sized trash (broken chairs, coolers, recliners, etc.) should also be put in the dumpsters. And, of course, use the clear(ish) blue bags for your recycling.

The reason for the clear bags is that when the trash collectors come along with their super efficient vacuum/compactor truck, if they can see through the bag (and assess its contents), they can just toss it into the vacuum - with an opaque bag, they have to tear it open to make sure that there are no non-compactable items (ie, propane canisters). Using the clear bags saves them a lot of time and reduces the amount of "ewww" they have to sift through.

And yes, it is better to bag up your trash, rather than just piling it up - because of the potential for wind.

We learned all of this helpful information while watching the OPP crew cleaning up the overnight RV lots - we had a pretty huge collection of trash - so we asked, what could we do to make it easier for them (that is, Mrs. TC asked).


It's Big Ten Football Time...

Let the games begin...

PSU hosts their Big Ten opener this weekend against the illini of illinois.

And, we're celebrating Oktoberfest - we'll be serving some bavarian inspired dishes - and beverages ;)

The illini were idle last week - so be ready for some fresh legs on the field. ron zook and his team capitalized on PSU's disorganization last season and eked out a win - the Lions and the football faithful are ready to see PSU come out on top this year. The illini wear blue and orange uniforms (choose your dungarees wisely) - so leave the hunter orange at home - and remember...

It's a stadium wide WHITE OUT this week - which should be effective in that kick off is as 8pm (EST) - yes, 8pm. So the parking lots will open at 8am (EST) - yes, 8am. BUT, we'll still be in line early - and be there when they open the gates.

We'll be parking in the "general parking" area of lot 13 - email for directions and/or cell phone numbers if you need them. Click here for the parking map pdf. We'll be flying our Penn State flag along with the Bavarian flag (it's like a giant field of BMW logos - okay, that's exactly what it is).

The current weather forecast is for clear skies all weekend long, with a high of 74 Saturday afternoon and a low of 53 at night (that is, when we'll be in the stadium).

We'll be tailgating before and after the game - as always, all are welcome. Contributions are appreciated but not necessary. Check back here for any last minute details/information.

For those of you who can't make it to the stadium - the game will be televised on ABC.

To the Lion!

Navorro Bowman named Player of the Week

Okay, Big Ten Co-Defensive Player of the Week- but Player of the week, just the same.

The Sophomore Linebacker was also named, Player of the Game

Bowman amassed 11 tackles, 3 sacks, 1 interception and 1 forced fumble - so, yeah, he was pretty much the PSU defense on Saturday.

Every Shirt Matters!

...on the road to the WHITEHOUSE!

Penn State has scheduled a stadium wide "White Out" for the upcoming game against illinois - Saturday, September 27th. (but, you already knew that if you read your ticket).

Kick off is at 8pm - the weather is, currently, supposed to be clear and pleasant - low of 54 on Saturday night - you may want to "layer" in case it gets a little chilly.

Rally in the Valley - Rec Hall Friday Night

Penn State will be hosting a pep "Rally in the Valley" Friday (9/26) night at 8pm in Rec Hall.

for more details, visit GoPSUsports.com.


No Longer Non-Award Winning...

Now part of the "All Star Tailgating Team"!

As a result of the Tailgating Coordinator's proactive action of entering this picture of our lovely cake...

into an online tailgating competition -

and our winning the "most unusual tailgating display" - Unusual? Unusual? I call it Awesome.

Thanks TC!

I Started Out as a Penn State Fan...

in honor of our upcoming game against Temple - enjoy these bits from Bill Cosby...

From: I Started Out as a Child (1964)

Dad had the LP - and we used to listen to it all the time - some of the best comedy ever.

Video (ie audio) Source: YouTube

Inspiration Source: RUTS


Yes, another stadium cake...

So, this one is different (from this one, this one and this one)- because it features a "visiting fan" section - AND the floating LIONS - or is it SNOI7?


we posted our 1000th post this week - (this one is 1002) - it only took us 50 months!

Here's to the next 1000.


GoPSUsports.com - your one stop shop

for all your PSU information needs -

or, at least a few of them.

GoPSUsports.com has posted the Game Notes for the upcoming Temple game


it's the Week Two installment of "Nittany Lions in the NFL" - Dan Connor doubled his season best by recording 2 tackles on Sunday; TE John Gilmore (TB) had a good outing (41 yds, 1 TD) as did 49ers WR Bryant Johnson (78 yds, 1 TD); Kerry Collins reprised his NFL starting QB role (Tenn); and, Robbie Gould (Chi) confirmed that he is a kicker worthy of an invitation to the Playboy mansion (1-1 FG, 2-2 PAT).


Greetings Fans of Football!

The Penn State Nittany Lions face off against the Temple Owls this Saturday at 12pm (noon). The Cherry and the White are coming off a disappointing last second (literally) loss to the Buffalo Bulls - and the Lions are returning from a trip to New York state themselves, but following a little happier result.

The early kickoff means that the parking lots will open at 7am and we'll be there when they unlock the gate.

We'll be parking in the "general parking" area of lot 13 - email for directions and/or cell phone numbers if you need them. Click here for the parking map pdf.

This week we will be flying our Penn State flag along with the flag of Scotland.

Our theme for this tailgate is "Tour of Pennsylvania" - we will feature fare from the different corners of the commonwealth - Kielbasa and pierogi from Pittsburgh; stuffed cabbage rolls (Galumpkis) and shoo-fly pie from Central PA; and, an assortment of italian delicacies from Philadelphia.

The weather forecast is the best (so far) of the season - high 70 - "sunny and beautiful!" (quote from accuweather.com).

A limited number of tickets are available - Visit GoPSUsports.com for details.

We'll be tailgating before and after the game - as always, all are welcome. Contributions are appreciated but not necessary. Check back here for any last minute details/information.

To the Lion!


Oh, and...

State High won their game Friday against Central Dauphin - the Little Lions are shaping into a fine team.

Game Notes and Stats

for the Syracuse game on GoPSUsports.com.

There wasn't much drama during the Syracuse game. Penn State played pretty well, although (and I don't care when it happened) the PSU secondary still has some serious issues.

I got the chance to watch a few PSU opponents over the weekend:

Temple, once again, should have won their game - but they didn't. They seriously need to work on short yardage execution/play calling.

illinois and iowa's games were closer than they should have been - but they still won. And indiana was idle.

purdue had every opportunity to win their game over oregon - and yet, I'm still really impressed (or unimpressed with the ducks) that they had any opportunities.

wisconsin stood tough - against a very energized Fresno State - they had some injuries - they are a notoriously, not so good on the road team - we play them at camp randall - it will be a very different atmosphere.

um looked terrible - 6 turnovers against nd - we're doomed.

tosu got beat, soundly, but usc is very good - very good.

michigan state shut out Florida Atlantic -

PSU is #16 in the new AP poll (15 in USA Today) -


If you're in State College tonight...

...you misread the schedule -

But that's okay - because you're lucky enough to be in town for the High School football game of the season (that will be held in State College, anyway) - as the Little Lions host the central dauphin rams tonight (Friday).

This is the Little Lions' home opener and their (on paper) toughest home match-up.

So head on over to Memorial Field tonight and check out the pool of PSU's future "filler recruits"

- I kid, so many great Penn Staters wore the maroon and gray.

And we'll all see you next week.

Diesel Tailgating Garb

Order your 2008 Diesel Tailgating shirt(s).

To order - contact Jess through the Facebook page OR shoot us an email and we'll forward your info to her.

Orders must be in my 10/01/08 - so don't delay!

Any more votes for Schiano?

Golly Rutgers looked horrible last night. Losing to Flick and the tarheels in and of itself is unacceptable, but to do so in such a manner... wow.


Patriots Day, 2008

Hurrah for the flag of the free!
May it wave as our standard forever,
The gem of the land and the sea,
The banner of the right.
Let despots remember the day
When our fathers with mighty endeavor
Proclaimed as they marched to the fray
That by their might and by their right
It waves forever.

And please, to all who are or may be in the path of Hurricane Ike -
GET TO DRY LAND - as soon and as safely as you can.

Lions in the NFL

GoPSUsports.com has compiled a nice listing of the action PSU alum saw (or didn't see) in the NFL last week.


Evan Almighty.

You all probably know by now that Evan Royster was named Co-Big Ten player of the Week - following his awesome performance against the Oregon State Beavers. Royster amassed 141 rushing yards, on just 17 attempts.

Despite the fact that Royster has only played for about 5 quarters of football, he is second in the nation in scoring and is 26th in rushing (102.5 ypg).


GoPSUsports.com has the transcript from Joe's tuesday presser and the PSU v syracuse Game notes. Go STATE crush the orange.

Check out the players' press conference where Josh Gaines and Dennis Landolt fielded questions from the press.


Just One More Reason...

that College Football is the greatest sport on earth...

If you've ever driven East on Rt. 45 out of State College (currently a favorite way to avoid the construction on 322E), then you know all about the quaint little town of Millheim.

Or maybe you don't know so very much about Millheim, but you definitely know that it's the proud hometown of PSU walk-on linebacker, Josh Hull. You know this because the borough (population 746) has displayed its pride on billboards, placed at either end of town. And the (reportedly haunted) Millheim Hotel sports a "Welcome Penn Staters!" placard over its doorway.

This past weekend, Josh Hull stepped in front of an Oregon State pass to grab an interception - and you have to know that all those PSU faithful watching at the Millheim Hotel were cheering - we were too.

Only 10 games to go :(

The first 2 weeks of football have flown by. 2 ├╝ber awesome tailgates - more on that later -

but here's a picture from the Saturday festivities -

Of course, I'm not in the picture - I'm back in the "kitchen" preparing more food.

BTW, I think that we got definitive proof that the powers that be are fans of PSU - that darn hurricane skirted right around Happy Valley -



ignorance is bliss.

Here we go! Stick it to the Beavers.

Heading up to State College tonight (...tonight!) to get ready for the big Oregon State game/tailgate.

We're expecting a good sized (am I the only one who is giggling at this point?) crowd -

And, yes, we're getting a little excited.

The weather forecast isn't the best (it's also not the worst) - expect rain all day on Saturday, but not a lot. It may be too warm for rain gear - but be sure to bring it along.

We'll be tailgating in the overnight RV lots (lot 19 - Orchard Road area) starting tomorrow night! The main festivities begin Saturday morning at 8am. Kick off is at 3:30pm.

If you're a last minute RSVP - look for the checkered flag and high flying blue bird.

Have a great weekend!


Good Weekend. Fun Game.

PSU scored a lot of points on Saturday - a lot of different kids got to see playing time - which is (usually) a good thing. No injuries - again, good.

There were some obvious problems on defense - and still on kick coverage - but hopefully they can bring it together as they prepare to face the oregon state beavers. (Kick off at 3:30pm)

The tailgate was great - low key but fun.

And there were no troubles with the parking people. We got to the lots around 6am - we were ended up being the 5th car in line. We parked in the same lot we have for the last 2 seasons (the "western" half of lot 13) -

We'll be tailgating in the overnight RV lots this week (cars can park in lot 19) - send us an email if you need directions.