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There wasn't much drama during the Syracuse game. Penn State played pretty well, although (and I don't care when it happened) the PSU secondary still has some serious issues.

I got the chance to watch a few PSU opponents over the weekend:

Temple, once again, should have won their game - but they didn't. They seriously need to work on short yardage execution/play calling.

illinois and iowa's games were closer than they should have been - but they still won. And indiana was idle.

purdue had every opportunity to win their game over oregon - and yet, I'm still really impressed (or unimpressed with the ducks) that they had any opportunities.

wisconsin stood tough - against a very energized Fresno State - they had some injuries - they are a notoriously, not so good on the road team - we play them at camp randall - it will be a very different atmosphere.

um looked terrible - 6 turnovers against nd - we're doomed.

tosu got beat, soundly, but usc is very good - very good.

michigan state shut out Florida Atlantic -

PSU is #16 in the new AP poll (15 in USA Today) -

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