Just One More Reason...

that College Football is the greatest sport on earth...

If you've ever driven East on Rt. 45 out of State College (currently a favorite way to avoid the construction on 322E), then you know all about the quaint little town of Millheim.

Or maybe you don't know so very much about Millheim, but you definitely know that it's the proud hometown of PSU walk-on linebacker, Josh Hull. You know this because the borough (population 746) has displayed its pride on billboards, placed at either end of town. And the (reportedly haunted) Millheim Hotel sports a "Welcome Penn Staters!" placard over its doorway.

This past weekend, Josh Hull stepped in front of an Oregon State pass to grab an interception - and you have to know that all those PSU faithful watching at the Millheim Hotel were cheering - we were too.

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