Oh Happy Day!

Just in case you haven't heard - The Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series last night - bettering the Tampa Bay Rays in the "resumed" game 5.

I live in Philadelphia - I have for most of my adult life. I love this city and I have come to love its teams.

Growing up in central PA in the home of a still moderately bitter Brooklyn Dodgers fan, I watched a lot of Pirates and Mets (channel 11 - WPIX) baseball - we didn't get a local Philadelphia station - so we never saw the Phillies, unless they were playing one of the aforementioned teams or were, basically, in the world series. So, naturally, I became a St. Louis Cardinals fan. The Cards were pretty successful in the 1980s (3 World Series appearances, 1 win) - and they kept a lot of their line-up intact - so it was easy to remember the players' names, etc (okay, I kept an index card on each player with their stats, organized in one of those metal - well, index card boxes). Pittsburgh was definitely the "local" team of choice - I went to quite a few Pirates games at the old 3 Rivers Stadium - with an Aunt who liked to sit in the box seats and to arrive early/depart late to avoid the "city" traffic - as a result we got to see a lot of the players up close - and their cars. Many porsches in those days.

When I first moved to Philadelphia, I was thrilled to live in a city with so many sports teams - I went to see the Eagles, 76ers, Flyers, and of course, the Phillies. One school friend and I found our way(s) to many a game - comp tickets from a boss - 1/2 price ticket days/promotion. One week, we went to 3 games - they kept having the "if the Phillies steal a base - 1/2 price tickets for tomorrow" - and you know what? Those darn Phillies kept stealing bases!

But as the years wore on, and as I became more and more familiar with the Philadelphia heartache - I pared it down to one or two games a season. We'd go over the bridge to see the River Sharks - and just follow up with the Phillies in the paper, or the internet.

Last season was wonderful - we reveled in the Mets' debacle as the Phils stood strong and won the NL East - that joy was, of course short-lived - but there had been such a post-season drought that it was still very special.

So this year there was a cautious optimism when the Phils began the season - and there was a different feel to it - they had winning streaks - but no long losing streaks - they were at or near the top nearly the entire season - and then, near the end - when it looked like the might fall short - the Mets stepped in again and crumpled nicely.

The Phils looked so strong in the post season - the Brewers were on a winning streak - that promptly halted at Lincoln Financial Field - and the Dodgers' bats were silenced in the NLCS - as the Phillies won in 5.

And we waited - who would the Phillies play in the World Series? THE PHILLIES ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES! Oh no, the Rays. It's kinda difficult to "hate" the Rays - but we were able to muster the energy to do so for a few days. Actually, the dislike vested more with the announcers and "officials" - as they were (seemingly) overtly rooting for Tampa.

But that's okay - the Phils did it - they won! Philadelphia is once again a city of champions.


If you don't already love this kid

you will after you read this -

The Collegian has a story and interview with Deon Butler - He's been my "favorite" since 2005 - so I'm already a big fan - this article just cements it.

Deon was also the "feature player story" on this past week's "Penn State Football Story" - the kid comes from a solid foundation - it shows why he's such a great player/teammate.

Butler is just 4 catches away from the career title - but, in the Collegian interview, he says that he'd rather be remembered for having been on an undefeated team -


PENN STATE v iowa game time

Kick off is scheduled for 3:30pm (EST) with regional ABC coverage.


Mark Rubin is Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week.

There was a discussion following the tosu game as to who should be named the "player of the game" -

It really was a tremendous team effort - it was difficult to pick one stand out. None of the "usual suspects" dominated the statistics - but it was mentioned that "Rubin had the game of his life."

He's been named, not player of the game (Bowman got that honor), but, the player of the week - not only by the big ten, but, by the Walter Camp Foundation (national) -

Nice going kiddo.

Rubin is Walter Camp Defensive Player of the Week.

Yes, you read that correctly - Mark Rubin was named Defensive Player of the Week by the Walter Camp Foundation. Rubin had 11 tackles against tosu and forced the "game changing" fumble that led to the Lions' only TD of the night.

Also, you can vote for Rubin's forced fumble as the Pontiac Game Changing Play of the week. Jared Odrick's safety against um won the honor last week - let's do what we can to make sure that Rubin wins this week!


Article on Clark in the New York Times

that bastion of liberal lion love (remember 1994?) - has an article on Darryl Clark today - About his accomplishments on the field and in the classroom.


Logo/image source: Necco.com


So I hear that there's a couple games down in tampa...

Forget the hype - forget the consequences -

Wait a minute...

Oh goodness - this is possibly the most pivotal week in my personal sports spectating history -

Or so it seems.

So I hear there's a game in columbus this weekend...

Forget the hype - forget the consequences - we all know that the game this weekend is the one we've all been waiting for this season (okay, I was kinda waiting for last week's game - but that's over now) -

And now it is here.

Visit GoPSUsports for the transcript from Joe's Tuesday press conference, and the Penn State v tosu game notes.

Also, check out Week 7 of "Nittany Lions in the NFL" - Kerry is still winning, Puz is still hitting and Larry is still sitting.

Special Agent - Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly won Big Ten Special Teams player of the Week accolades for his performance against Michigan.

Kelly was 3/4 on field goals and 5/5 on PATs, scoring 14 points - which propelled him to the all time Big Ten leading in career kicking points with 376 (to date).

Kelly's 70 career field goals puts him just 3 kicks away from the career Big Ten title in made field goals.


Toys for Tots

To add to the Holiday cheer - Mrs. Tailgating Coordinator had an inspired idea. Why not collect gifts for Toys for Tots at the tailgate.

Brilliant - slightly devastated that I didn't think of it myself.

So we got in touch with the Centre County Toys for Tots Program and after we got the green light (we even called PSU to make sure it was okay) from them we contacted our guests and asked them to bring along a gift as a donation. (Click link for more information on Toys for Tots)

The response was overwhelming. Our tailgaters are a generous group of people - also, friends and family sent along additional gifts and donations to add to the haul.

It made a great day even more exceptional.

The stockings were hung, by the chimney with care...

and wire...

Team Virginia obliterated any and all expectations I had for the creation of the "fireplace wall" -

Did you say something about a banner?

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Thanks again and again to everyone who helped out with the tailgate this weekend - it was such a group effort -

Have you seen the gingerbread RV?

kudos infinity to Suz for the creation and decoration of the Gingerbread RV - we had so many "over the top" components to the tailgate this week - but this was easily the sweetest...

These are a few of my favorite things...

Green wreaths with snowflakes, and

Santa with Lager...

Chandeliers, tinsels, and

Gingerbread Campers...

Where do I begin....

to tell the story of a tailgate that did win...

How about some pictures?

Here are a few shots from the weekend - tailgate preparation and presentation -

The Living Room before...

Living Room after...

The Grand Buffet (1/2 of it anyway):

The Dessert Table:

The Fire Place:


HftH Group Photo

PENN STATE vs tosu Tailgate

The formerly non-award now multi award winning tailgate will be making an appearance at the horseshoe.

Team Tennessee is traveling up to columbus to party with Team ohio - And we are all very excited for (ie jealous of) them!

If you too are going to the Scranton of the midwest - be sure to stop by and see them.

Contact the Tailgating Coordinator (or email us) if you need more information.

I Heart This.

How funny/cute/hopefully successful - is this....

Photo of a beam affixed to the top of the Comcast Center in Philadelphia (Philly's newest tallest building) -

Photo from Philly.com

Go State Beat the Huskers!


Go vote on USA Today's "10 great places to stand and cheer college football" poll - currently nebraska is leading and mississippi and va tech are ahead of Penn State!

This is not okay.

Vote today.

3...2...1... 2theLion is the Tailgate Competition winner...

2theLion has won the competition...

Yes, we won. We won the "Best Decorations" category in the Penn State Homecoming Tailgating competition. (I'll post photos as soon as I can).

Our theme was "Homecoming for the Holidays" -

We now have a banner - and on it are 2 wonderful words: "Best" and "Winner" and my 2 favorite words: "Penn State"


Bananas Crazy Week.

Yes, I'll confess - I've been watching "The Rachel Zoe Project" - against all better judgement - and now I say things like... "I died." "right?" and, sadly, "bananas".

I apologize.

ANY WHO (in Whoville?) - it is a super duper busy week - and we're leaving for State College - today - like in a minute (or 210)

As always, check out the football bloggers for awesome analysis and info - and GoPSUsports.com for your PSU info.

It's going to be an awesome Homecoming Week(end) -

On Friday there is a pep rally on Old Main Lawn, following the parade.

And, of course, Penn State plays michigan on Saturday - Game time is 4:30pm - parking lots open at 8am.

We'll be tailgating in the overnight RV lots (lot 19 - behind the Ag Arena) - be sure to stop by - you'll be glad that you did.


OK and um lose.

In the grand tradition of indecisive utterances - the Sooners and wolverines failed to make the point(s) today.

Of course Okla lost in a brilliantly fought game against their annual opponent in the storied "Red River Rivalry", and top 5 team, texas.

While um lost to Toledo, at home.

I may have finally made up my mind about Toledo.


This time next week

we're gonna be a little crazy - Friday before PSU Homecoming and the um game - crazy.

We'll be heading up to PSU mid-week (probably Wednesday) - the RVs roll in on Thursday.

This week is a huge game for the Lions - a wounded badger is a pretty dangerous animal - and bucky will have his band back this week.

I'm nervous about wiscy's running game - they have both power and speed - timing will be huge for the Lions - as will tackling. Penn State must score - and they must take advantage of any (and all) opportunities they have to control the clock and the scoreboard.

I know that this team can do it - this is their chance to prove it.

Let's Go State.


PENN STATE vs wisky

The Lions head out to the land of cheese this week and will match up against the wisconsin badgers this Saturday at 8pm (EST). The game will air on ESPN

This is the badgers second prime time home game in a row.

After this season the badgers will rotate out (of PSU's scheduling) and we won't see them again until 2011 (oh, so sad. see the tears.)

Check out GoPSUsports.com for more game (and other stuff too) information.


Go State Beat the boilermakers!

The game is at 12pm (EST) and will be televised on ESPN.

Noon starts are historically "iffy" for the Lions - but hopefully they will wake up in time to beat up on purdue's questionable defense.

The boilermakers have an experienced offense that can be pretty good (when they want to be) - so PSU's defense has to stop the run and be alert in the secondary. purdue played tough against the oregon ducks - but they weren't able to maintain their lead - playing 4 quarters (in the same game) of good football seems to be a issue.

We know something about that - luckily the Lions have been able to rebound from slow starts this season - but here's hoping that they come out sharp and continue to be so through out the day.

Here we go Lions, here we go!



Big Ten Honors Derrick Williams!

Derrick Williams gained the Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week thanks to his 94 yard kickoff return (and TD run)!

Williams, who scored touchdowns returning, receiving and rushing, amassed 241 all purpose yards Saturday night - a career high.

Check out the Big Ten's weekly football release - where they remind us that Penn State is just one win away from bowl eligibility (remember when that was all we could hope for? I do.) - and the let us know that Penn State ranks second in the nation for average attendance - yes, um is still first.

Over on GoPSUsports.com, they have the transcript from Joe's pre-purdue press conference, PSU/purdue game notes and the latest installment of "Nittany Lions in the Pros."

Larry Johnson and Paul Posluszny enjoyed continued success last week. Johnson rushed for just under 200 yards (198) and Posluszny recorded another 8 tackles. Go Pro Lions!