9 hours of daylight; 12 hours of rain.

That's the forecast for tomorrow - November 15th.


The only "good" news is that it isn't supposed to be "a lot" of rain (just .33") and the air temp won't be too bad.

Wind gusts - that's a little concerning - but hey - we've survived worse.

Here are a few tips for the rainy day tailgate:
The set up:
  • if you haven't already, invest in a pop up canopy. You don't want to be out in the rain trying to assemble anything - 
  • Bring tarps - if you have the fancy canopy walls - use them - but you can also use regular tarps and plastic drop cloths on the sides of the canopy - use clamps to secure the "walls." 
  • Another great use for a tarp is as a "floor."  Generally, with a weather forecast like this weekend's, the ground is going to be wet and muddy - a plastic tarp on the ground will help keep you and your tailgating gear clean(er).  We'll even bring 2 pairs of shoes - one pair for "in the tent" and one pair for outside.
  • We also bring an extra tarp to "link" to the car/truck - using the hatch (or other means) to elevate the tarp and securing with clamps.  This way we can keep a lot of the tailgating supplies off of the ground and out of the elements without having to "go outside" every time we need something.
  • Pay attention to/for any pooling and devise a "gutter system" if necessary - believe it or not - hoola hoops work really well to arc the canopy top if it has a tendency to sag - just slide them between the top beams and the cover 
  • Keep propane appliances out from under the closed in area and be wary of flammable items and ventilation.

The Food:
  • Keep the food simple.  You don't want to be running back and forth to the grill/stove - 
  • Most of your guests will be huddled around in your tent(s) - to maximize on "huddling" space - set up your table(s) "against" one of the tarp walls  
  • Sog-proof your food- put out chips/bread/etc in small amounts - keeping the extras in sealed bags.

  • Bring an extra...everything:  socks; shoes/boots; pants; hats; sweatshirts, etc.
  • Best to leave your pretty sweaters at home - wear weatherproof and jersey type clothing
  • hats - baseball - serves as an extra awning to keep the rain off
  • rain gear - the full suit of rain gear is really the only way to stay dry.  Ponchos are fine for walking around and/or standing at the tailgate - but you need the rubber pants to stay dry in the stadium.  I usually change into the "gear" before heading into the game.

Most of all - remember to still stop by and say hello to your tailgating neighbors and that the rainy days can be just as fun and the sunny ones - 


Anonymous said...

Good tips. Speaking of gutters, I'm going to work on a system of reusable, clip on gutters for the canopies. I'd like to add downspouts too to direct the water away from the main tailgating area. More on this in the off season.


Anonymous said...

They do make gutters. Toby was telling me about it just the other day.