Game Away, Game Away, Game Away that you got to survive.

---to the tune of Real McCoy's "Run Away" - y'know, the Lexus commercial from about 4 years ago...

okay, maybe not -

but anyway - Saturday is PSU's fifth and final away game of the season. They travel to Iowa City, Iowa (hmmm, there's a clue in there - I just know it) - and I'm traveling down to Center City Philadelphia to watch the game.

Where do you watch away games?

Generally - I like (need) to be in a safe and comfortable environment - a place where the people know me and my habits. And it's usually best that I'm not near any remote controls or anything else "throwable".

I love Penn State - and Penn State fans - and I love sitting with 100,000 people at home games - but I'm not good around crowds when I watch away games - I get distracted, and annoyed and kinda nasty about people wearing the wrong colors and/or breathing. But most people who know me - know this about me - and they (run away - cue music) understand.

I've gone to friends' homes and PSU alumni events and bars/restaurants in the past - but that was mainly during the dark years - so I've chosen to condemn the practice.

This season I've watched the away games at home and in State College (at Mom's home - so that's kinda at home as well) - the largest crowd has been 3 (the smallest? 1).

This weekend I'll be at a semi-private venue - The Union League in Philadelphia. But I'm not sure that the Good Old Boy network is ready for my brand of crazy - or that I'll be able to compose a suitable and karmic outfit of Navy with no denim, black or yellow (or derivation there of).


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