hoosier sez what?

From the Tailgate email:

Well - yes, there are some football games left...

and some tailgating to be done!

Penn State hosts the indiana hoosiers this Saturday (November 15th) at 12pm (EST). This is Penn State's first home game in (nearly) a month - and we're all looking forward to seeing our Lions again.

The hoosiers are one of those "red" teams - so try to avoid the red parkas and flannels because,

it's going to be cold - and, possibly, rainy. Check accuweather.com for the latest forecast - and bring your warm boots and extra socks - just in case.

The parking lots open at 7am - and we'll be there, waiting in line, when they do.

We'll be parking in the "general parking" area of Lot 13 - email for directions and/or cell phone numbers if you need them. Click here for the parking map pdf. This week we'll be flying our Penn State flag along with the flag of Quebec (that is, if I can find it).

In deference to the cold(ish) weather, we'll be featuring hot soups and snacks at the tailgate this week.

We'll be tailgating before and (hopefully) after the game - as always, all are welcome. Contributions are welcome but not mandatory.

To the Lion!


WFY said...

Quebec flag?

PSUgirl said...

long story. I wanted to buy a Scottish flag (blue and white - kinda unique) for tailgating and ended up buying 4 blue and white flags - I gave one to the Tailgating Coordinator (Commodore Perry's "Don't Give Up the Ship") - and we've been rotating the 3 others as our "identifying" flag - Quebec (blue and white with fleur de lis); Scotland (blue and white with St. Andrew's Cross); and, Bavaria (blue and white checkerboard).

WFY said...

I fly my family flag that I designed nine years ago, based on my icon. People always ask why I am flying a Yale flag. Admittedly, it was inspired by the Yale (dad's alma mater) "Y"

In retrospect, I would do two things differently

#Not have the omverse and reverse the same (makes the flag too heavy to blow well)

#Bought about five of them, I got a steal and the flag shop went out of business