It's going to be Great - or as they say in Scotland...

actually, it's going to be windy and cold.  There is a chance for snow accumulation on Friday night (less than 2") - and a few flurries on Saturday - but mainly - it's going to be cold.

The air temp will hover around 30-35 degrees - but it's going to be breezy - so the "real feel" plummets about 10 degrees.

That's probably the coldest forecast I can remember in recent years - ages past I remember sitting in the stadium during ice storms and frigid temps.

This all lends itself very easily to another series of tailgating tips...

Staying warm throughout the day should be your main priority: 
  • Warm clothing - layers that are dry and snug to the body will keep you the warmest 
  • boots/shoes with thick soles and warm/dry socks - this will help keep the chill from the ground and the metal/concrete stadium floors from traveling up your legs.
  • in the tailgating lots - if you have a canopy, put up a few walls (or tarps) to keep out some of the wind - 
  • if you have portable heaters/stoves/grills - make sure that you follow the safety instructions - be sure to have proper ventilation and keep them away from flammable items  
Another good way to stay warm is with your food/beverage choices:
  • you want food that is easy to eat - especially if your guest are wearing mittens/gloves
  • bite size foods that you can eat with a fork or spoon are good choices - soups, stews, pot pies, etc.
  • warm food and beverages will help keep everyone happy
  • pick foods that can "take" prolonged heating and reheating - 
  • prepare/cook before you get to the parking lot - so all you have to do is reheat the food with little fuss.
Be prepared:
  • bring extra propane canisters - it's likely that you will be serving more "hot" food and beverages - so you will want to be able to keep the fires burning.
  • extra water and heat safe cups for hot drinks
  • get some hunter's "hand warmers" for your hands and feet
  • remember that there are heated bathrooms on the outside of the stadium that are accessible before the game

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WFY said...

I think the last time I remember snowflakes during a game was 324. I was in row 80 in SEU, the highest part of the stadium. The last time I remember any snow on the field was 1996 vs, Northwestern. It was just a squall, but it was pretty cold and I was not dressed for it. I-80 froze over near Lock Haven too.