The rainbow was pretty...

Of course, by then, I had my camera stowed away in the back seat - so no pix of that (sorry!).

It was a fun day. Even with the smelly weather.

We got to the lots around 6:20(am) - we were the 4th car in line - and it was quite a while before we had company. But, by 7am the cars were lined up on Park Ave.

It was a dark and stormy day.

but all things considered, it was fairly warm and it could have been a lot worse.

We set up the stove under the IKEA patio umbrella (purchased at least 4 years ago and never taken out of plastic wrap until this week)and we served up some breakfast of eggs and crispy crowns (it's all the crunch and none of the mush). Later we heated up the potato and leek soup and white bean chili (yum!) - we also had pierogis, and, of course, kielbasa.

The game was a bit frustrating (or flustrating) - for the first half anyway. I was not pleased with the team's performance - but things got better in the 2nd half - and I even caught a touchdown on "film"
- it's the first (or one of the few) time(s) when I just "hold up the camera and shoot" that I actually go a picture of the action - and not some guy's shoulder.

We packed up after the game and got on the road quickly - we were moving along nicely until we hit Toftrees Ave (or whatever it's called) where we sat (creeping forward) for almost an hour. Finally in Park Forest we discovered that the power had gone out on that side of town. We didn't get (full) power back at Mom's until 8pm -

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