Ugh. I ate a bug.

Well now. That was pretty terrible.

So, remember how Joe Paterno spent about 4 years saying that "we're just a play or two away from being a really good football team"?

There were about 10 of those "plays" last night.

Obviously, PSU's first possession was abject failure. They were given that fumble on the 1 yard line. It's sorta sad that I was yelling at the TV - "Take the safety!!!" - but right there - that would have won the game (in the first 1/2 the defense was stopping the iowa offense - given an 80 yard field - versus 25 - Iowa doesn't score that touchdown.

Red zone play calling was just sad - touchdowns versus field goals- PSU wins.

Dropped passes from Jordan Norwood (????) and Andrew Quarless running before he caught the ball.

These were mistakes that other teams (from other schools and seasons past) make - not this squad - or so I had led myself to believe.

The defenisive scheme in the second half lost the game.

Soft zone coverage with the d-backs lining up 10 yards off of the line of scrimmage guaranteed first downs against. Nevermind Anthony Scirotto's penalty - his coverage was much more of a negative factor.

On offense, obviously the interception proved to be the critical play - but the holding penalty before set it up. The lack of a score on that drive - and PSU's "bend over" defense sealed PSU's fate in a game in which (and no, I don't care about the weather or the wind or the lack of heaters on the sideline) Penn State did not look like a team that deserved to be whining about its lack of BCS respect.

I heartily hope that Penn State wins the rest of their games - and I hope that they win the big ten - but I was not impressed with the team, coaching, game plan, preparation (for opposition and/or elements) - Kevin Kelly played pretty well - and had PSU won - Derrick Williams would have had the game of his career.

One faction that I can not blame - the officials - not even a little bit.

Yes, I'm sad and angry that Penn State lost to Iowa - and that they've lost any chance at the "dream season" - but I'm more disappointed that this team isn't what I had built them up to be in my own opinion - and that smells.


WFY said...

I blame Scirriotto too, even though penalty was debatable.

Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph says it all - and that's what hurts the most!
NJ lion


Penn state my still have a shot, they didnt drop that much in the standings.

Anonymous said...

We need to do something about the secondary. What the h**l? Coaches need to pull out Sargent. Coaches need to think about doing more adjustments in the game.

I still love Darryl Clark, and my heart broke after watching his press conference. I couldn't stop crying. But ... after his tough game and not so great performance, I wonder if he's still woozy from the concussions and if he's really ready to be back in the game.

We can win the rest of our games, win the conference and be ranked top 5 and play at the Rose Bowl. It's still a great year - think 2005. But it still hurts.