what's that? You want to see more pix from Homecoming?

What a great idea!

Here are a few more pix that have "rolled" in from homecoming. We showed Mom the DVD slideshow this past weekend. She was impressed and lamented that she hadn't made the 3 mile trip to the stadium to check it out - lesson learned...

That's the turkey roulade - basically, it's a boneless turkey breast "filleted" to be one continuous strip - rolled with chopped herbs and garlic - then wrapped in bacon and roasted.  It is resting on a comfy and delicious bed of wild rice pilaf.  

Btw, Suz made the template for the RV from scratch - she first made a model out of foam board and then used the pieces to cut out the gingerbread.  On Friday, Michelle came over to Mom's house to help decorate - they did such a great job.

Here's a nice shot of the "total look" - buffet table, desserts and living room...

The crown roast of pork - we had more trouble ordering that darn piece of meat than we had with any other part of the planning.  But it turned out great!  Erica, with special instructions from Mrs. TC, did a wonderful job making the "hats" for  the roast.

One last picture of the dessert table - featuring:  christmas cookies; snowman chocolate pops; bon-bon tree; 7 layer jello salad; cupcakes with chocolate snowflakes and poinsettias; and, the buche de noel.


Anonymous said...

This is just crazy wonderful. You guys need a head check. And a TV show.

drozz said...

agreed with taxgirl. you make a fine example of a good PSU tailgate.

mine usually just consist of old german beer, "moose juice", and roasted pork sandwiches.