As We Remember His Birth... Joe Paterno Virtual Surprise Birthday Party Blog.

There's a new blog on the rolls - a site dedicated to throwing a Virtual Surprise Birthday Party for Joe Paterno.

Seems a little odd - but in a nice way.

Check out http://joepabirthday.blogspot.com/ and add to their list of "82 reasons we love Joe Paterno".

#1 - Harnessing that electric force of nature - Graham Zug?


Anonymous said...

I've got this link badge to the birthday siteif you would like to load it on your site let me know!

Anonymous said...

Joe Pa continues to defy all odds in college football. Let's celebrate in new age style with the surprise virtual birthday party! Send your video wishes, best picture of Joe Pa with or without you in it and heartfelt wishes. Best entries win a year end PSU football DVD or Conference championship hat.